Writing Right Now # 12: Where We Are in 2022 Timeless Music

Writing Right Now # 12: Where We Are in 2022 Timeless Music May 8, 2022

Were @ 399 posts two days before my 2nd year anniversary writing for the Catholic Bard.

So here are some sleekly made music videos from some of my favorite modern day musical artists that have been produced so far in 2022.

They have to write down the lyrics and play out the video before you can either watch or listen to it.

So music and their accompanying videos counts for Writing Right Now.

These are fun catchy songs you might want to include in your play list.

The Songs

Learning to Fly  by Sheppard from Kaleidoscope Eyes
(Live from Fortitude Music Hall)

This song was released in 2020 but this video of Sheppard rocking out in concert to a big crowd came out this year.

Their imaginative lyrics and musical style are captured in song and stage.

We used to be able to dance on the table
With nothing but stars in our eyes
Where we’d make believe and with all of our dreams
We would color outside of the lines

Let Somebody Go (Ofenbach Remix) by  Coldplay & Selena Gomez from Let Somebody Go (Ofenbach Remix) – Single
[Official Visualiser]

Coldplay continues to team up with other popular artists to give us poppy soft slow music. This one upgraded with a techno beat. And the video is a weird trippy kaleidoscope. They unofficially recreate a scene that would feel home in the movie Labyrinth. It’s also resembles another video down further on this list.

You gave everything this golden glow
Now turn off all the stars ’cause this I know
That it hurts like so
To let somebody go

Bones by Imagine Dragons from Mercury – Acts 1 & 2
(Official Music Video)

Imagine Dragons imagines a zombie apocalypse in a wall street office.

Look in the mirror of my mind
Turning the pages of my life
Walking the path so many paced a million times
Drown out the voices in the air
Leaving the ones that never cared
Picking the pieces up and building to the sky

West Coast by OneRepublic from West Coast – Single
(Official Music Video)

OneRepublic wants us to get away to California with this Beach Boys haunted song. Surfing ,Driving in Cali. and walking in the fog and woods.

I’ve been starin’ up at the greyest skies
Tryin’ to find myself some luck, but it’s runnin’ dry
It’s like the weather makes the worst of my cloudy mind
I could really use a dose of some paradise
Sometimes you gotta run from a broken heart
Before I turn into a ghost, need a brand new start
Get myself headed to the coast, man, it ain’t that far
Yeah, they got sun in LA and some shinin’ stars

Ordinaryish People (feat. Blue Man Group) by AJR from OK ORCHESTRA
(Official Video)

I have never seen Blue Man Group in all the years they’ve been banging the drums.

But I am going to see Weird Al in concert for the first time on Saturday May 7th.

So goodbye ordinaryish people
We had quite the run, didn’t we, though?
But you gotta be somebody sometime
I don’t wanna pack up and leave, though
When you’re nobody, then nobody minds

A Little Bit of Love by Weezer from A Little Bit of Love – Single
(Lyric Video)

Weezer walks us through the woods with deers eating grass and great stone statues littering the landscape.  A fun little song with a very Christ centered message.

A little bit, a little bit of love
Goes a pretty long way
Everybody, everybody’s lost
And that’s ok
Some show it, some hide it
But there’s a battle
We’re all fighting
So if you’re looking for the words to say,
A little bit of love goes a pretty long way

When’s It Gonna Happen by Tenille Townes from When’s It Gonna Happen – Single
Official Video)

TT strums her guitar in a lone white room looking and sounding pretty while singing about being alone.

Sometimes i feel like i’m the last one standin’
I look around and all my friends are fallin’ in love
I’m scared to death i’ll end up empty handed
Can’t be the only one

Broken Halos by for KING & COUNTRY from What Are We Waiting For?
(Official Music Video)

This video has some  guys flying around some ruins and the city singing about the broken humanness of people. They fly, they fall and they get up to fly again.

For Heaven’s sake, we’re missing hope
Been saving face and throwing stones, so
Take your mistakes, just let ’em go
‘Cause don’t we all wear those
Broken halos?

WHERE WE ARE by The Lumineers from BRIGHTSIDE

A song about a car crash? The two characters go backwards and in and out of some type of reality where objects float in the air. The band sings while being filmed out of focus and in blurry low light.  Maybe the song I like best of theirs since Hey Ho.

Where we are (where we are)
I don’t know where we are (where we are)
But it will be okay
Where we are (where we are)
I don’t know where we are (where we are)
But it will be okay

Break The Man by  Tears for Fears from The Tipping Point
(Official Music Video)

Back from the 80’s with all new music. A video not unlike the Coldplay video above. A bunch of random guys climb to the top of some structure and fall off. If I didn’t see this was Tears For Fears i would never have known these were the same guys who wanted to Shout and told us Everybody Wants  to Rule the World.

She’s the fire and the fallout
She reminds you of the things we never talk about
She’s the lover with the best-laid plan
To break the man

Free by Florence + the Machine from Dance Fever

Looking for new music I came across this artist I’ve never heard sing before. The woman’s enthusiastic dancing while the guy stands around is pretty cool to watch.

But I hear the music, I feel the beat
And for a moment, when I’m dancing, I am free
I hear the music, I feel the beat
And for a moment, when I’m dancing
I am free
I am free

Timeless by American Authors & Chad Tepper from Timeless – Single
(Official Music Video)

Not familiar with Chad, but American Authors has a string of good hits. Together they are timeless.

Moments become memories of the past
But right now we’re timeless
Pictures become old photographs
But right now we’re priceless
‘Cause everything we lived
We’re never gonna miss
We’re timeless
We’re timeless

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