Tweeting to the Choir About Your Kid’s Life

Tweeting to the Choir About Your Kid’s Life July 2, 2022

For their short pithy brilliant whimsical way of saying things, I love to collect Twitter and other Quality Quintessential quips, quotes, questions, musings and maxims from the furthest reaches of the internet to the obscure book hidden in the dusty corner of some long forgotten book store and save them for a rainy day post. I  just might need some wonderful wordful beauty to express a sentiment or idea in what I’m writing so I created this particular post with that purpose in mine.

Tweeting to the Choir: A Collection of Tweets

Janet@Mystagogy1013:  Tweeting to the choir gives us all support and encouragement, which is much needed in these days.

This peculiarly particular post is the offspring of that larger post with a more specific focus in mind from a topic listed in that larger post. It is also but one of the many children of that post.  You can go big or go home to this  shorter post and pluck what you need from  the collected treasure of  the Broad Chorus of Catholic Thinkers and similar like minded individuals  and insert it into whatever it is your  working on at the moment. Or perhaps you just might want to read a short something that will put a chuckle, a prayer or a nifty thought into your brain. And perhaps any truth beauty or goodness may leak into your soul making you a more loving, faithful and hopeful person and draw you closer to Christ.

In this post were Tweeting to the Choir about…

Your Kid’s Life

Loving Your Kids

Nick Sciarappa@PappaSciarappa: Children aren’t an obstacle to your prayer life, they are opportunities to prayerfully practice the Corporal works of mercy.

Metalifex@SamuelA88226271: When I became a father of several very disobedient little boys I finally came to realize how God could love me. I can discipline my children, but I can never disown them. For better or worse, they are mine. I cannot believe that I am more merciful than God.

Little Kids Life

Fr. Joseph Krupp@Joeinblack: When I started my homily at the 10 AM, the sweet little angel was waving vigorously to me. She continued to joyfully wave until finally, I stopped the homily, waved to her and said hello. She smiled and sat back on her dad‘s lap. That was awesome.

JD Flynn@jdflynn: Well, it happened sooner than I expected, but it happened. Our 4-year-old telling us about some kid at school who went to a magic place called “Disneyland,” and can we go?

Merve Emre@mervatim:

4-yr-old [sobbing at 6 AM]: MOM. MOM.

Me: [run into room, expecting carnage]


A faithful servant@VConquisitor: My 5 year old daughter: “it’s not really Miss Universe because they are all from planet earth”….

Emily, praying for peace ���@EmilyKath319: My 6 year old was excited to hear that God is an Avenger at Mass today �

Just made a joke about how men are from Mars, women are from Venus and my almost 6 year old got VERY upset and was like “No mom, they are both from the SAME PLANET, Earth, because that’s where God created them!”

tea with Tolkien @TeawithTolkien: one of my kids came running into my room earlier, “mom!! can I go in the girls’ room because Lily is reading The Chwonicles of Nawnia to her stuffed animals and I wanna heaw too!” �

PatriotDaughter ���@Cubfan13241: As a 7 year old Catholic going to my first mandatory Confession, I told the priest that I had told a lie. The lie was telling him I had lied. ��‍♀️

Angry Catholic@AngryCatholic: Today I drove 16 hours with just my 7, 5, and 4 year old. Everyone behaved. Everyone had a good day. At no point did I consider jumping out of the moving car. God is real.

�A vaccinated Susan Campbell ��@campbellsl: I have been charged with helping my 8-year old Catholic grandchildren with their Sunday school homework. Hilarity is ensuing.

�Haley Stewart�@HaleyCarrots: My 8yo is pressuring us to be daily communicants and I love it. She’s trying to go to daily Mass or adoration every day of Lent. Mass followed by hot cocoa at the bookshop. “We got to be with Jesus AND get hot cocoa!” It’s cool when you just want to watch a movie but your kid is insisting that you drive her to a Tuesday night Mass. I need all the help I can get!

Katie@KatieFromTexas: Third graders don’t want to talk about sex. They wanna grow up and be dinosaurs or princesses.

“Teacher, leave those kids alone”

Angela Clough@angeladunn6: Clearing out some things from the loft to see that 9 year old (Catholic-schooled) me was a bit of a comedy genius �

…Perhaps not a spelling genius though!

Theresa Zoe Williams �@TheresaZoe: Today my daughter, the one with oppositional defiant disorder and a visual processing disorder, said she sometimes wishes she was never created because this is too much and too hard. We cried together. She’s 9. If you could pray for her and us, we’d be grateful.

Page van der Linden �@plutoniumpage: 10 year old Catholic girls with active imaginations should NOT be allowed to watch “The Exorcist”.

Not sure which parent to blame for that. �

Jaime Primak@JaimePrimak: If you need a little innocence to warm your heart….

My 11 year old (catholic) daughter told me she loved Usher because “he loved God so much he made a song about confession.”

Middle School Kids Life

tea with Tolkien @TeawithTolkien: saw a whole bunch of nerdy middle-schoolers at the park having lightsaber fights. it was beautiful. so wholesome

Vela@VelaScares: People keep screaming The Exorcist, which of course objectively is a very well-constructed film. Having said that, I’m just gonna come out and say that The Exorcist is boring as hell and it’s only scary if you were a 12-year-old Catholic boy in 1973 when it came out.

eeeeemma@eeeeemma1: A 12 year old catholic girl asked me if I knew my Hail Mary and I started singing proud Mary ��‍♀️ #notcatholic

John Herreid@HerreidJohn: Whenever I see a picture of Herbert Hoover all I can think about is that one time a guy introduced him on the radio as Hoobert Heever. It was in one of those factoid books that I read at age 12 and through a clerical error somehow got filed as vital info in my brain. I read the entire World Book Encyclopedia at that age because I was very, very bored and consequently can handily win any game of Trivial Pursuit so long as the version we are playing is severely outdated

David Glenn – TheToyMaker | Working the Metaverse!@DGlenn3DCG:  You know the 13 year old me has been watching Disney cartoons and and has been asking: “Why are girls so Magical & I’m not? I don’t sprout wings or have gowing blue hair or turn into a big Panda bear! Why?” “I’m not Special!”.

Exuse me, Adult me got to have a talk with this kid!

Visegrád 24@visegrad24: On March 12, 1943, the 14-year-old Polish Catholic girl Czesława Kwoka was killed in the German extermination camp Auschwitz-Birkenau with a phenol injection to the heart.

She’s one of the most well-known Polish victims due to the haunting photo taken at her arrival to the camp.

Older Kid’s Life

Jen Fitz@JenFitz_Reads: One night your kid is sneaking out of social-distancing to hang with the FOCUS missionaries.  Next he’s casually stand around the kitchen saying, “You listen to podcasts?  There’s this guy Mike Aquilina who does a thing on the Church Fathers.”

 Keep on sneaking out, kid.

Katie Prejean McGrady@KatiePMcGrady: “Being a teenager isn’t being half as mature as an adult. It’s being as mature as an adult, half the time.” -Brother Guy Consolmagno

Little Kids Prayer Life

Emily, praying for peace ���@EmilyKath319: 4 year old’s favorite prayer is “Hail Mary, full of grace, punch the devil in the face.”

Because let’s face it, it’s short and to the point.

Dave Electronica@chicanokobe: Kid was acting like he wanted to lead prayer last night so I encouraged him to come up with something.

Kneels down, thinks real hard, comes up with

“God. Amen”

Kid’s Thoughts and Imagination

William Hemsworth@w_hemsworth:Children will have questions about the faith. Don’t run from it or say “because I said so”. They are honest questions that deserve honest answers. There is nothing wrong with saying “I don’t know” and doing a little research. Then come back with the answer.

Jackie Francois Angel@JackieFrancois:

 My 5.5 yr-old Zélie fires off rapid questions like right now:

Mom, is God greater than love?

Mom, does God love the devil?

Mom, how do we know we aren’t in a dream?


Mary Pezzulo@mary_pezzulo: The Lego robots just crash landed on an island inhabited by a vicious robot-eating giant guinea pig. We’ve promised McFluff some of the money when this episode becomes a major motion picture.

Steve Skojec@SteveSkojec: One of my boys asked me today about what happens if someone farts in a space suit – are they just trapped in there with the smell? And I realized that there are horrors I just haven’t even begin to contemplate

TJ Burdick@tjburdick:  Student 1: Tomorrow, for dress like a book character day, can I bring my Voldemort wand? Teacher: Sure! Student 2: Can I bring a light saber? Student 3: Can I bring a gun? Teacher: No weapons! Student 1: … can I still bring my Voldemort wand?

Fr. Cassidy Stinson@TheHappyPriest: It’s always a wild ride with catechesis when you don’t know how well-formed the audience is. Case in point: I was trying to make sure they knew basic Church teaching on the Eucharist, but one kid just wanted to know if becoming a hermit was a socially irresponsible vocation.

Fr. Goyo@FrGoyo: I went to the movies today and in front of me a little kid said to his mom, “mom there is a priest here.” And the mom responded, “yeah I know. Sometimes they let them out of the church.”

I am not usually shy, but this time I just didn’t know what to say


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