Laborers on Labor Day

Laborers on Labor Day September 5, 2022

I remember when I was young, I didn’t go to school till after Labor Day.

Why do so many kids go to school before Labor Day now?
Why do states like Texas take off a chunk of summer vacation by making the kids start school earlier in september?
I’m not sure.
But I can make an educated guess.

Back in 1882, factory owner John T. Labor decided to give his newly hard working immigrant families the day off. He did this so they could get ready to send their kids off to school the following day. And the tradition was picked by the U.S. FHC (Federal Holiday Commision). They are the same commision that gave us the holiday named after Mr. Arbor and Mr. Valentine. Every monday in September since then has been dedicated to the last hurrah of families to enjoy the last bits of summer before school started. When does school start for your girl or boy? After the day dedicated to the hard working Mr. Labor on Labor Day. School always started on the following Tuesday. It was a long honored tradition.

John T Labor: July 6, 1852 – February 18, 1906 (also known as Peter J. McGuire)

Until recently.

The liberal democrats, I assume, decided that kids shouldn’t have to fear and dread the day after Labor Day. The cause of a new school year had produced fear and dread in many a young mind for many a year. Besides Mr. Labor was a raciest sexist anti-semite and his holiday deserved to be trashed.  Why have a day dedicated to eating slaughtered animals on a grill? So they decided that school should not start till a week later. But mean spirited hard working Republicans just to own the libs moved the start of school up till a week before Labor day just to mess with them and get in some more education only to have a day off after going to school for about a week.

Five Ways to Prepare Your Kids for a Great Start to the School Year | Cone Health

On this Labor day, instead of getting the day off like my higher paid co-workers who are in administrative positions, I am going to go and help feed the elderly. They don’t seem to want to take the holiday off, so somebody must go and feed them. And it is up to Culinary Aides like me to do so. How else will they get their Strawberry Shortcake? I might have gone  to Mass before work but usually at the parish down the street from my house is closed on federal holidays.

What other folks besides me  are laboring at work on Labor Day?

Catholic Writers: Thoughts never stop coming and the desire to express them in words continues to course through the blood of eager faith filled Catholic writers. Even if what they conjure up for their blog isn’t the best they could do (such as this post) they write and publish it anyway. This writing of mine was done rather quickly before I had to actually go to work and having my wife read it outloud to me caused me to see some flaws in it. And some sentences have been added in since then. The point is that Catholic writers keep on writing. Here is an example of something more interesting than this post you still reading.

The problem with teens is, there are no off hours, no truces, and no guarantee that one of them isn’t plotting. We’ve weathered the frozen water bottles, the Alexa set to play Christmas carols at two am, and the hiding of the cell phones in the parents room. (We liked that last one). The changing of the WiFi access as a form of blackmail to get dishes done would have worked better if younger siblings weren’t equally adroit at guessing their older family member’s passwords.

Guacamole filled grapes and a touch of tabasco in the ice cubes stand out as two of the more creative attempts at sibling sabotage. They haven’t short sheeted any beds, but that may be because most of them don’t make them to begin with. Anything requiring actual labor that could be mistaken for dutifulness has yet to materialize.
Pinky Promises, Pie, and Fingers in Your Eye | Sherry Antonetti (

Ice Cream Scoopers: It’s a day off and you want to treat your kids to something neat and sweet. So you bring them to the local ice cream place. Hard working young men and women have taken the day off so you could enjoy your day off with their kids. Get them the Fat Elvis or the Blizzard of 78, both real treats. They need the money for school, so it is a win-win for everybody. Besides Ice Cream Scoopers might just be the right people to stop Russian spies from infiltrating our country if they should ever decide to do that. They are pretty good at fighting monsters also. Hey. Stranger Things have happened.

Movie Theater Workers: Perhaps it’s raining and your Labor Day cookout is ruined.  You don’t want to stay in the house so you get the kids and you pile in the minivan and you go to the movies. You give a chance for an older person to stand there and rip your ticket. You buy some overpriced popcorn and drinks and settle in to watch something like this.

Yeah you could stay home and watch it on your big screen TV. But then you wouldn’t see the 11 minutes of extra footage. Spider-Man was #1 at the box office again.  This is good for Hollywood. But is it good for America?

Cops: Crime and disorder don’t stop and neither do the men and women who try to uphold justice and stop society from falling into chaos. For example if the police arrest the delivery driver traveling to your house to give you food on Labor Day (or any other day of the year) they just might take up the mantle and get your order to you.

There is a hit comedy just waiting to be made from this idea. If they can make a movie with Rowen Atkinson chasing a bee for about 2 hours divided into 9 episodes on Netflix they can make a full length movie out of this video.

Donald Trump: The former president doesn’t take a day off? And risk not being in the spotlight. Fat Chance.

“Wow! Fox News is really pushing the Democrats and the Democrat agenda. Gets worse every single day. So many Dems interviewed with only softball questions, then Republican counterparts get creamed,” Trump wrote. “If ‘low ratings’ CNN ever went Conservative, they would be an absolute gold mine, and I would help them to do so.” Donald Trump Offers To Help His Biggest Enemy (

Pope Francis: As leader of the Catholic Church, his mission to lead and tend his flock dominates his shepherd’s heart. Not being an American also plays a role in this decision. On Sunday September 4, just the day before on my father in-laws 72nd birthday, he beatified Pope John 1. The role of the papacy never stops spreading the light of Christ in this life.

Pope Francis@Pontifex (, 2022) Blessed #JohnPaulI considered himself like dust in which God deigned to write. Therefore, he used to say, “the Lord recommended this a lot: be humble. Even if you have done great things, say: ‘We are useless servants.’ “

Supermarket Employees: A Day off = a day to go shopping and fill up your food pantry. Perhaps this will happen as you go shopping.

There are more people out there working on this day we honor work. And I now have to go and get ready to work.

I’ll leave you with this…

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