Honest Trailer Pitch Meeting Christmas 

Honest Trailer Pitch Meeting Christmas  December 22, 2022

The  Advent Holiday Christmas season is mad busy with extraordinary out of the way things like sending cards, buying presents, getting colds and flus, shoveling driveways if there is snow, and planning that new diet for after January 1st. It is also chock full of ordinary normal things like going to work or going to school and getting ready for all those tests, projects and getting ready to receive those holiday bonuses.  Sometimes it can be hard to sit, relax and catch up on all those Christmas movies we love to watch every year but will not even think of looking at after December 25th. You want to watch A Christmas Story, Elf and Home Alone, but realize that you also want to go out and see the New Avatar in theaters. How can one accomplish all this?

Well Actually it’s super easy, barely an inconvenience.

You can relieve the greatest Christmas movies in under 10 minutes each while watching the grand comedic spectacle of  Honest Trailers and Pitch Meetings which summarizes movies for you, so you don’t have to take 90 minutes to 2 hours to do so. Watching summarized commentary style reviews is tight. If you’ve seen either Youtube channels you know what I mean and what to expect. If not, here is a combo video of both of them to give you a quick crash course of what you can expect.

And Now…

Here are Honest Trailers and Pitch Meetings contribution to Christmas Movies.

A Christmas Story

Wade Simmons on Youtube (2 years ago)  I remember being sick on christmas eve one year when TBS was playing their 24 hr marathon. I forgot it was christmas eve, and I kept waking up at the same part of the movie all day. I had no idea what was going on, and now associate this movie with Groundhogs Day, because I was so out of it I thought I was reliving the same day over and over.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

“Its called the nightmare before Christmas”

“Is it a Christmas movie or a Halloween movie?”


The Santa Clause

More Tim Allen Christmas:
Christmas with the Kranks 

cinemonika on Youtube (3 years ago)  Literally the weirdest, stupidest Christmas movie i’ve seen and i’m surprised i even made it all the way to end. I couldn’t look away from the trainwreck.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

jstarwars360 on Youtube (1 year ago) I can’t believe this was the highest grossing film in a year that brought us The Emperor’s New Groove, Cast Away, and Chicken Run.


Brent on Youtube: (2 years ago (edited)) some christmas movies are sweet , some are funny , and others are just super super weird ,..but only one of them is all of those things ..lol I just love that delivery and so very true about Elf

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Alice Duren on Youtube: (6 years ago) I actually remember watching the last Rudolph special they mentioned where Rudolph saves the New Year by rescuing a baby that will turn into Father Time with giant ears kidnapped by a giant vulture because the bird will turn into ice and snow. Rudolph saves him with a caveman, a knight, and Benjamin Franklin who ride on a whale to save the baby new year. Yea, I liked weird things as a kid.

Home Alone Saga

Ezzie E. on Youtube (7 years ago) Love this movie. Love the old shovel man in this movie and the crazy pigeon lady in the second movie. In between making little kids everywhere wish they could booby-trap their houses and battle bad guys in the same way, these movies teach you not to judge someone based on appearances, hah.


Jingle All The Way

Summer Baby on Youtube (4 years ago)  I was an extra in this movie! I’m one of the kids playin in the balls, behind him after he goes down the slide. It was filmed at the Mall of America. It was literally an all day shoot but it was super easy, barely an inconvenience! �

The Polar Express 

Lotuzz on Youtube  (1 year ago) These pitch meetings are just getting better and better. Don’t get me wrong, the earlier ones are still hilarious, but there is a visible increase in quality over time, and the characters’ personalities have developed so much. Every single pitch meeting is top notch, even when I haven’t seen the actual movie



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