The Muse Goats On The Loose

The Muse Goats On The Loose March 30, 2023

As you live your ordinary everyday life, you may think you it’s ho hum and glum till you open your eyes and see that creativity energy has woven it’s vines around other people, places and things surrounding the world in which you live.

We live in a world in which goats were seen frantically running around loose in San Francisco.  You might expect to see this in an American small town where farmers live or perhaps in the quent Irish countryside where farmers live, but not in the hustle and bustle of downtown San Francisco where cars and business people gather in a busy environment devoid of farms. The NPR writers over at Goats and Soda  covered this story in all it’s glory bringing food for thought and theories of how such a thing could have happen with these probing questions.

Where did the goats come from?
Is a city an okay place for goats to hang out?As the editor of a blog called “Goats and Soda” (see our name origin story here), I am always interested when goats make the news. Plus, I’m a Capricorn.

Runaway goats in San Francisco were probably … freaked out :  NPR

This guy had an idea to start a particular type of blog and made it happen and came up with a unique name for it.
Goats and Soda: Stories of Life in a Changing World.

Some folks let their wild muse goats run wild and end up doing some creativity interesting things.

If runaway goats in the city are not enough to lure your mind from boredom let your mind feast on the fact that someone in a changing world had an idea for a particular flavor of ice cream and let that inner dream come to fruition.Hidden Valley Ranch took their hidden idea for this new flavor of the century ice cream by teaming up with Brooklyn-based ice cream parlor Van Leeuwen and created…

Hidden Valley Ranch Ice Cream.

Your wildest craziest dreams can come true. No matter how wacky or weird. Just ask Jeff Reitz who set a Guinness World Record for visiting Disneyland 2,995 days in a row.NPR

Or your dreams can help other people live their dreams. Every act of charity towards another person is using your God-given gifts to make the world a better place. Take this young Kansas boy who donated his tonsils to a worthy cause. Sometimes deceased people go missing for any number of reasons and they need to be located. There are dogs trained to find these human remains.  Kansas Search and Rescue Dog Association‘s (KSARDA) is one of these types of organizations. The boy and his brother had find hiding from the dogs and watching them find his donation.

Deidra Stanley, the director of KSARDA, says the human remains they use typically come from donations.

Stanley says it is a simple process.

“It is a simple process. They sign a form and then give it to their doctor to sign, and then they can call us, and we will pick up the Item,” Stanley said.

If you would like to donate, email

And your earthly dreams can interconnect with your spiritual and religious dreams.  “An upcoming video game will place players in the shoes of Blessed Carlo Acutis for a free-roaming walk through Catholic history.”( As someone who loves being Catholic, loves history and time travel (which this is in a direct sort of way) this is an appealing type of video game. I however don’t play modern video games. I did have an Atari 2600 and enjoyed going to the arcade to play Spy Hunter.

But again the runaway muse goats are alive and well and inspiring and unleashing creativity anywhere and everywhere.

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Novelty Island@_noveltyisland (March 17, 2023)  2 years ago I bought a big box of clay. Many late nights & plasticine hangovers later, I’m delighted to finally reveal the claymation video for my new single, GoGo. I’d love you to watch, listen & share…

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When Grace smelled baking bread, she knew she was nearing the witch’s cottage. It was her favorite kind of bread, she was certain. The kind she never had in the orphanage, where the bread was meant to be so filling that the children might as well eat rocks, for it wasn’t as if they’d notice the difference in taste. No, the aroma drifting through the dark trees was from bread gone chocolaty brown on the outside and soft as a pillow within, full of gooey raisins that burst on your tongue. Most children would have turned around when they smelled something like that, for it meant the witch was near. The witch lived somewhere deep in the woods—she lured children in and ate them, and wasn’t even a woman at all, for she could change shape into an enormous beast made of shadows. Those were the stories the children told, anyway.

But the witch didn’t need to lure Grace. Grace was looking for her.

Heather Fawcett, The Grace of Wild Things (2023). HarperCollins.

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Owl! at the Library ��‍♀️@SketchesbyBoze (March 28, 2023) I once heard someone say, “We give names to things because otherwise the inherent wonder and strangeness of everything would overwhelm us” and I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

Raspberries and dandelions are certainly magical, but there’s another level of perception at which *all* things—butternut pudding, a riverside pub, a single lamppost seen amid a haze of snow—carry their own hidden glory.

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In History

In 1605 there were 3 popes who reigned in one year.
In 1978 there were 3 popes who reigned in one year.

In 1605 The first part of Miguel de Cervantes’ satire on chivalry, Don Quixote is published.
In 1978 The portable Cervantes : Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de, 1547-1616 is published.

In 1605 Several of Shakespeare’s plays have their earliest recorded performance including Henry V and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
In 1978 The TV drama Will Shakespeare aired on Television and starred Tim Curry.

What are the runaway muse goats doing with your creativity?

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