12 Youtube Channels I Listen To In The Car Or While Cleaning The House

12 Youtube Channels I Listen To In The Car Or While Cleaning The House May 19, 2023

I try to crank out 2 blog posts a week for the Catholic Bard. Sometimes it is a last minute scraped together and held  together by spiritual duct tape type of post. Perhaps your a writer, blogger, youtuber, or podcastor who sometimes produce articles, podcasts, or videos like that. Or perhaps your head is on tight and you can crank out creativity and profoundness with your arms tied around your back.  Or maybe your like me and your mind is so warped from exhaustion that lying on your bed with the fan on and no other noise when you should be going through the big pile of mail on your kitchen island is the preferable option.

When your not producing new content or browsing social media perhaps your checking out other’s new and fresh contributions to the world at large.

Here are some examples of Youtubers I put on a playlist and sometimes listen to on my way to work  or when I clean the house that puts my mind in a better place.

Reason and Theology

Michael Lofton’s channel brings a real balance between common sense spirituality and defence of the faith from RadTrads  and anti-Catholic protestants. He is critical of certain aspects of the Francis papacy but is also one of Pope Francis’s biggest reasonable defenders. He just doesn’t offer commentary of today’s Catholic headlines but offers satire, humor and sometimes music as well. Where else can you find a wide variety of guests that have included Theologian Larry Chapp, Where Peter Is founder Mike Lewis and Mysterious World Podcaster Jimmy Akin.

Word on Fire

Conservatives and Liberal Catholics loothe Bishop Robert Barron for different reasons. But I have always and still find his commentary on biblical and spiritual matters to be top notch as he uplifts my soul to contemplate the mysteries of the church and of Jesus Christ more. I find the hard and difficult teachings to be more accessible and I feel I love Jesus more after learning more about him and his love for me and all humanity. His sermons are not watered down as they challenge the average person with conviction and not scrupulosity to embrace the person of Christ more deeply. His weekly commentaries on the Sunday gospel are a must see for me as they help me meditate more clearly on what God wants to say to us through the church.

Breaking in the Habit

Whenever Fr. Casey Cole puts out a new video, I watch it with my wife. His common sense approach to spirituality combined with dry humor make his approach to spirituality engaging and worth watching. He is passionate about the faith and making videos and it shows. He is a great example of the type of Catholics we should all strive to be. No better example of his storytelling and example of being a priest is on display in this video where he tells the tale of a funeral gone wrong. This is the video that comes to the forefront when I think of Fr. Cole and his contribution to Catholic media.

Ascension Presents Father Mike Schmitz

When Fr. Mike is not explaining the Bible or the Catechism he is still making short videos about everyday practical things that all Catholics and all people deal with on a day to day basis. Like Fr. Cole he uses common sense spirituality to bring balanced thought to the situations that we deal with. Like with the other folks I mentioned he is completely orthodox and pastoral in his dealings with others. He is also often funny. He is worth watching to gain a sense of perspective about things that we normally think about but not as deeply as we normally do.

Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World

If you want an example of the ideal down to earth Catholic you won’t get any better picture then Jimmy Akin. I actually talked to someone who had never heard of him or Catholic Answers. In case your one of those people, Jimmy is a first class Catholic apologist who has an encyclopedia knowledge of everything about the faith and other  subjects like entertainment, science history ect. When he is not answering and giving talks about the faith he is researching mysteries in history, science, and mysterious people. Ghosts, Marian Apparitions, UFO’s, The Pyramids, JFK, The Loch Ness Monster, Joseph Smith and Unkillable Irish Drunks are subjects for his podcast Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World which looks at these types of stories through the eyes of Faith and Reason. It is a show that I can literally say is family friendly.

American Catholic History

Tom and Noëlle Crowe help bring American and Catholic history together in one neat package as they bring you stories of faithful American Catholics. These stories help inspire faith as you journey along with others who have already taken the journey.

The John Campea Show

While I listen to videos of faith, I also listen to other creative people who have expertise in other areas of life who live in the same world as we do. Catholics, evangelicals, scientologists, atheists, mormons, hindus, muslims all go to the movies cause everybody despite their religious differences all love stories. When I want to learn about movie news and events, this is the channel I go to.

Ryan George

No other comedian on Youtube gets the laughs as much as Ryan George in his one man show where he plays all the parts in his commentary on everyday things. He is also the genius behind the Pitch Meeting sketch where he points out all the plotholes of new and popular movies with real wit and satire.

Weird History

History is just chock full of interesting stories for podcasts and perhaps future movies. Sometimes you just need to let light shine on the past in all it’s weirdness.

Holderness Family

A husband and wife team that produces Weird Al like parodies and Saturday Night Live style skits brings laughs to a serious world.

Super Carlin Brothers

The great thing about fandom is that it doesn’t have to be passive, but it can be reflective and introspective. This is what the Super Carlin Brothers do when they propose different theories related to our favorite movies and books such as Harry Potter and Pixar.

Austin McConnell

Austin McConnell is a storyteller who brings to light little known interesting things about culture you may not know about. He is amusing, creative and entertaining.


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