Kristin’s Poems For Holy Week

Kristin’s Poems For Holy Week March 26, 2024


The void-the door you’ve locked

Can’t you hear God’s whisper?
His gentle tap upon your heart


In the silence of the night


Can’t you feel he void of discontent and restlessness
When your ears are crowded but your heart is swaying




He suffered for me

He felt pain for me

He wept for me

He was mocked for me

He was whipped for me

He was crowned with thorns for me

He carried a cross for me

He was pierced with nails for me

He died for me

And after all He went through for me

He still loves me


I want to lay among the suffering people of the world and offer each


Each Breath

Each heartbeat

As a prayer

I want to give until there is nothing left within me to give

I want to pray until every last soul is safe with Jesus and Mary forever

Then I want to rejoice in Heaven for all eternity.

The Sacrifice

Jesus in my Bread, my Wine
I will love Him for all time.
Upon His cross he thought of me.
He gave His life so life could be.

At His supper with his friends
He gave His body that life never ends .
He gave his blood from a bit of wine.
God gave us His Son, our Brother Divine.

We Recall His sacrifice at Mass.
We pray to Him as each hour pass.
To die for us is why He came.
So for Him we must do the same.

Wheat Became bread
And bread became God
And mortal man consumed
The Bread Made God
And his sins were forgiven


Oh, Holy Jesus for us died,
To kiss Your wounds when crucified
To sooth the injuries of your bleeding head
To caress your feet as they bled.

To kneel in awe at the foot of the cross
As lots for your garments they did toss.

Blood droplets fell to the ground
With piercing thorns you had been crowned.

To hear Your prayer as You died.
Oh how on this thought I have cried.

Your holy body hung up there
For anyone to stop and stare.
Your painful death was died for me.
Oh My Savior how can I thank thee?

I am wretched sinner you know.
But Lord to who else would I go?

Your sacrifice has won me life
When I’m done this exile strife
Forgiveness of my sins You have granted me.
Your mercy gives my joy and life eternally.

What Wood Jesus Do?

Baby Jesus asleep in a stable of wood
This future carpenter would do so much good.
Joseph was a carpenter man
Doing whatever such a carpenter can.

Jesus his Son learned this trade too.
Did whatever he was asked to do.
Joseph taught Jesus you see
But what a different teacher Jesus would be.

Jesus is our God. He loves us so dear;
He teaches us how to love and care.
On a Friday we call Good.
Jesus taught us about wood.

Take up your cross. That’s what he said.
And on a cross of wood He was dead.


Why when my head does pound
And weakness slows my senses down
Yes, why when I am tired and now so well today
Do I find it most difficult to sit still for to pray?

For look at Jesus crucified, as pained and pained could be
‘Twas then He gave Himself in love for the sake of you and me
As for me to suffer just a tiny little bit
I say please forgive my laziness, and prayer, the heck with it

Ought I not increase my fervor and offer up my cries
And pray, and pray, and pray, even though my body sighs
For Jesus gave so much to God when He suffered on the cross
For me to ignore God in suffering, oh what a horrid loss

I must offer up each sacrifice and pain
And think on the crucified Jesus and all that His love did gain
So I offer up all my difficulties to You my Crucified Love
That I might cherish every cross sent me from above

So when my head does pound
And weakness slows my senses down
Yes when I am tired and not so well today
May I fall more in love with Christ and never cease to pray


Holy Communion
Jesus our Bread
Bread Broken
We hear the snap as the very
Body of Christ is broken here
Here at this holy alter today
And we are thus reminded
Of His Sacrifice

The Body of Christ
Was broken for us
They heard the nails
A loud snap, pain felt
The Body of Christ
Broken at Calvary
Broken for us


How can I please my Love?
For He has consumed my heart and bathed me in His Love.
He has suffered affliction for me.
And it is my greatest desire to console Him with my love.

I offer You my every action Love.
But still this is not enough for Him who is Love.

Myself I give to You. Do with me what You will.
But also let me give You all my love.

Indeed I have fallen in Love.
I could not bear to be separated from His Love.
But if He willed it even this I would accept
Because he is my Love.

I want to live and die giving all for the sake of my Love.
My soul yearns to be with Him.

To tell Him how much I want to give Him in Love.
Jesus, you know my wretchedness and still You consume me
In Your Love.

Must I now depart from Your presence here?
And carry on my day. I will think of You often, Love!

I will wait with great anticipation for the next hours
I can spend in Your presence in Love.

Oh Such Love!

Jesus, my Love, oh how your heart bled.
You rose from the grave when you were dead.
Jesus you suffered each scratch, each blow
So that eternal life we might know.

In the garden where You prayed
None of Your friends even stayed.
In Your sweat was blood, was pain
To You a cup of sorrow came.

Your friend Peter thrice denied
Pontius Pilate had You crucified.
All alone up on the cross
How we gained from Your loss.

Imagine the pains of Your hands and feet
This for victory, not defeat.
You were dead as the story goes
But on the Sabbath Day You rose.

Thank You for freeing us from Hell.
Of You we must not be afraid to tell.
Now death will be no more
That you Jesus who I adore.

Thank You

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