CBB Review – Walking With God: A Journey Through The Bible

CBB Review – Walking With God: A Journey Through The Bible January 28, 2013

walking_with_godTim Gray and Jeff Cavins, co-authors of this book, have done every Catholic a huge favor in bringing this book to print. Utilizing the Bible Timeline, that Jeff Cavins has made famous in his Great Bible Adventure, Walking With God: A Journey through the Bibletakes you through an explanation of the Bible that is as much enjoyable as it is educational.

For those unfamiliar, “The Bible Timeline” that Jeff Cavins utilizes concentrates on 14 narrative books of the Bible. They are divided into Twelve Periods : Early World, Patriarchs, Egypt and Exodus, Desert Wanderings, Conquest & Judges, Royal Kingdom, Divided Kingdom, Exile, Return, Maccabean Revolt, Messianic Fulfillment, and The Church.

Each Chapter (there are Twelve corresponding with the timeline) opens with a brief paragraph about what exactly the period covers. As you get into the chapters you will find chunks of the books of the Bible covered that pertain to the period of study. For example in Chapter 1 “Early World” you find that the “Early World period follows the story of Scripture in the first eleven chapters of the opening book of the bible, the book of Genesis.” The chapter is than broken into Acts : Act 1 Creation, Act 2 The Fall, Act 3 The Flood, and Act 4 The Tower of Babel. Each of these Acts are broken down further with more detail given on each.

As the authors take you on this 288 page journey of the Bible, your eyes will be opened to details you may not have seen or connected previously in your Bible Study. The book concentrates heavily on Typology and how the Old Testament foreshadows events in the New that ends with Gods ultimate Covenant with his people, the crucifixion of his only Son in atonement for our sins and the establishment of his Church here on Earth.

Upon reading this book I firmly believe that it is a volume the reader will return to frequently. I can see the reader going through sections of the Bible and referencing this book for the full details of the story, I know I will. In closing this was a very enjoyable and enlightening read. Many things were connected and explained that just never came to light for me when reading the Bible on its own. I highly recommend this book as a tool on your faith journey.

This review was written as part of the Catholic book reviewer program from The Catholic Company.

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  • stcecilia

    I love this book! it has so much information and insight that I would have missed just reading the Bible by itself.

    One flaw I did notice is that in Chapter 5, under the sub-heading “The Levites, Too”, the books says that Gibeah was part of the tribe of Dan. Upon reading the Book of Judges in the Bible, however, Chapter 19-20 says it is of the tribe of Benjamin. Which one is right?

    I’d appreciate some discussion on this. Thank you and God bless!