Church Fathers, Day One Hundred Twelve: St. Augustine advises us to never despair of God’s help

Church Fathers, Day One Hundred Twelve: St. Augustine advises us to never despair of God’s help November 10, 2014

st_augustine_7Never despair of God’s help

When barbarians sacked Rome in the year 410, some pagans argued that the Christian God had been no help to his followers. St. Augustine says that no one can take a Christian anyplace where God’s help won’t follow.

But (they say) many Christians were even taken away as captives.

Yes, this would certainly be a pitiable fate, if they could be taken away to some place where they could not find their God.

But sacred Scripture gives us great consolation for this calamity as well. The three young men were captives. Daniel was a captive. So were other prophets. But God, the Comforter, did not fail them.

Likewise God, who did not abandon the prophet in the belly of a monster, has not failed his own people in the power of a nation that—barbarous though it is—is still human.

St. Augustine, City of God, 1.14


When bad things happen, do I blame God or look for God’s help?


Lord, be kind to all your people, and let us live a calm and tranquil life in all reverence and godliness.

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