Church Fathers, Day 189: Jacob of Serugh says find rest in the Church

Church Fathers, Day 189: Jacob of Serugh says find rest in the Church January 26, 2015

jacob_of_serughFind rest in the Church

Beginning a homily, Jacob of Serugh invites everyone to leave the weariness and empty toil of the world and come to the sweet rest of the Church.

The Church in the world is a great harbor, full of peace. Whoever la­bors, let him come in and rest at her table. Her doors are open, and her eye is good, and her heart is wide. Her table is full, and sweet is her mixed cup to those who are worthy.

You who love the world, come in from wandering in the evil world, and rest in the inn that is full of comfort to whoever enters it.

You, the weary laborer, who strive to enrich yourself by vexatious toil, why do you run after riches that cannot be held fast?

You who are rich, who go astray with your riches, possess God, and hate the wealth that after a little while will not be yours. Unquiet soul chasing gold, woe to you for that which spends you with your toiling after it! You who are greedy of mammon, incline your ear this way, and cast aside that grievous load that does you no good.

Jacob of Serugh, On the Reception of the Holy Mysteries, 648-649


Do I look at coming to church as a rest or as a burden?


Lord, I pray you, send me the peace that is from above, and send my soul your salvation.

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