Michele Craig joins CBB

Michele Craig joins CBB May 8, 2016

sunrise-1292301_960_720A few weeks ago I announced that Julie Abell would be joining the Catholic Book Blogger as a reviewer. This week I am equally as excited to announce that Michele Craig is joining CBB as well. With the addition of Michele I feel we have a well-rounded approach to book reviews and subjects. Read my announcement post about Julie to get you the background as to the history of CBB and why I am adding more writers.

Michele brings to the table an angle to the faith that I cannot. Julie comes to the faith as a cradle catholic, I am a convert and Michele is a revert. Someday I hope Michele will share her reversion story with readers here at CBB because it is truly an amazing and inspiring story. There are a few things I can tell you about Michele up front. First she is an avid reader, one that I must say is going to give me a run for my money when it comes to how quickly we read books. Second, and I’m sure you will find this one interesting, Michele was a teacher of mine in high school (which when I see her makes it difficult not to address her as Mrs. And wait for a homework assignment). Small world isn’t it?

So in closing please welcome Michele aboard in the comments below. Find a comfy chair and read along as the three of us introduce you to some of the best that Catholic publishers have to offer. I am already impressed with the excitement and energy of Julie and Michele as they both have submitted a number of reviews awaiting me to upload and schedule them. Buckle up….this is going to be fun!

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