CBB Interview with Mosongo Osong

CBB Interview with Mosongo Osong August 22, 2016


Mosongo Osong is the founder and CEO of BibleZon, Inc. Biblezon Corporation is the company that develops and distributes Biblezon Catholic tablets.  The tablet comes pre-loaded with the Bible, daily readings, catechism, prayers, rosary, liturgy of the hours, encyclopedia, activities, quizzes, games, books and a marketplace to download many Catholic apps. There are no distractions from the secular world. It is secure, safe and holy.  There is no access to Internet browsing or any unholy content but the tablet requires Wi-Fi for periodic updates.  It’s all about your Catholic faith and time with the lord.

Recently Mosongo and I discussed the tablet and its future.

PETE: Can you tell us about your mission and purpose behind the BibleZon Catholic tablet?

MOSONGO OSONG: Thanks Pete. Our Mission and purpose is to create products that help Catholics of all ages to practice their faith daily and stay focused on what really matters.

PETE: What has been the feedback you have gotten on the tablet these past few years?

MOSONGO OSONG: What keeps us going are the calls the we get every week from customers telling us how much their faith life has improved or how much their kids are learning daily on the tablet.

PETE: In my recent review I mentioned how I use my Biblezon tablet. How do you use yours each day?

MOSONGO OSONG: Pete, I am very impressed and happy that you are using your Biblezon tablet every day. Our Biblezon tablet has become a household name and even my 13 month and 2-year old children know what it is. I use the tablet daily to do my readings, reflections, learn about the saints, and pray with other Catholics but most of all it is our family Catholic prayer book. We pray the Rosary every night with the Biblezon and our kids love it.

PETE: Can you tell us about any upcoming apps or changes to the tablet?

MOSONGO OSONG: We are launching a Puzzle game app on 08/22/2016 and also our Advent app will be available in October. We are also launching a new version of the BibleZon Tablet this Christmas. This new tablet will have a faster processor and more memory.

PETE: What do you envision for the BibleZon tablet in say 5 to 10 years?

MOSONGO OSONG: My hope is that the Biblezon Catholic Tablet becomes a Catholic household name and widely used in Schools and Parishes to teach the faith. This generation loves technology and the church has to take advantage of that.

PETE: You have a book coming out about your journey to creating the Biblezon tablet. Can you tell us a little about it?

MOSONGO OSONG: That`s true. I am very excited about my book. It is titled From BadZon to BibleZon: How I found freedom in Catholicism. The book is about my journey to the faith. From my living a very bad teenage lifestyle to developing a Catholic product. I also include some lessons and tips that many Catholics (both fallen and active) can use to gain freedom.

PETE: This is a blog about books. What books are currently on your bookshelf to read?

MOSONGO OSONG: We are launching our book app to the public in November 2016. Initially It will contain many books from the Church fathers and some authors at Catholic Writers Guild. We are also in conversation with publishers like Tan Books. Our goal is to create a book app that has all your Catholic books in one place.


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