Fear the Lord, not the devil; Church Fathers: Day 310

Fear the Lord, not the devil; Church Fathers: Day 310 June 9, 2018

If we have proper fear of the Lord, the visionary Hermas is told, we have no reason to fear Satan. The devil has no real power when we do the will of God.

Fear the Lord and keep his commandments. For if you keep God’s com­mandments, you will be powerful in everything you do, and everything you do will be marvelous. Fearing the Lord, you will do all things well. This is the fear you ought to have, so that you may be saved.

But do not fear the devil—for, if you fear the Lord, you will have dominion over the devil, for there is no power in him. And if there is no power in him, then there is no reason to fear him. But you should greatly fear him in whom there is glorious power. For everyone who has power is to be feared, but whoever has no power is despised by all.

–Hermas, Commandment 7


Do I have enough fear of the Lord to destroy my fear of Satan?


Father, take away from me all fear and temptation, and all the influence of Satan, through the grace and mercy of your only-begotten Son.

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