Podcast: Most Common Mistakes of Church Starts, Part 3

Podcast: Most Common Mistakes of Church Starts, Part 3 August 1, 2017

By Andy Hale

In our first two conversations on the most common mistakes of church starts, we focused on creating too much and too soon, a lack of strategic leadership development, not understanding why you do what you do, failing to let toxic church members go, and not establishing boundaries.

That’s it, right? Surely church starters and pastors don’t make many more mistakes than these…

In this conversation, we explore what happens when you fail to lead self, how reframing failure and success prevents some burnout, and the essential quality of gusto (you know, a healthy dose of fortitude).

This episode features Kyle Tubbs, CBF church starter and pastor of Peace of Christ Church in Round Rock, Texas.

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CBF’s podcasts launched in early 2016 to share the stories of CBF church starters from across the Fellowship and interviews of people partnering to do groundbreaking work in renewing God’s world. The vision is to share ideas, stories, and innovations from church starters, pastors, and practitioners.

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This podcast episode is brought to you The Center for Congregational Health and CBF Dawnings.

Andy Hale leads Church Starts Initiative of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. Hale is a CBF church starter who serves as pastor of Mosaic of Clayton in Clayton, N.C.

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