Donald Trump: an update

Donald Trump: an update July 23, 2018
By Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America – Donald Trump, CC BY-SA

If President Trump was hoping to divert attention from his policy of kidnapping and caging young immigrant children at our southern border, he got his wish with his trip to Europe a couple of weeks ago, where he insulted Prime Minister Theresa May, the Queen, and our NATO allies.

That was just the opening act. As if being an uncouth buffoon on the international stage wasn’t enough, Mr. Trump revealed to the world that he may very well be a foreign agent. Specifically, in a joint press conference on July 16 in Helsinki, he appeared, to any sane observer, to be working on behalf of Vladimir Putin.

News of Mr. Trump’s disgraceful joint press conference with Mr. Putin dominated the news cycles all last week – almost.

Just one day before that press conference, the FBI arrested a Russian national named Maria Butina, charging her with conspiracy and acting as an agent of a foreign government (Russia) without prior notification to the U.S. Attorney General. Ms. Butina, who got cozy with prominent Republicans, is alleged to be part of a conspiracy in which $30 million in Russian money was funneled through the National Rifle Association to help elect Donald Trump as president.

Let that sink in: the NRA laundered money for the Kremlin.

The other issue to share front page space with Trump the Traitor had to do with Trump the Buffoon: Friday morning, the New York Times broke the story that Michael Cohen, Mr. Trump’s very ex-lawyer turned federal witness, secretly recorded a conversation with Mr. Trump two months before the 2016 election “in which they discussed payments to a former Playboy model who said she had an affair with Mr. Trump.”

“I can’t believe Michael would do this with me,” Trump reportedly said when briefed about the report. You almost feel sorry for him. Nah. Mr. Trump boarded Air Force One Friday afternoon to spend yet another weekend at his New Jersey resort. Alone: the First Lady remained in Washington.

Which brings us to Sunday night. Needing to divert attention from the things he did to distract the country from caged immigrant children on our southern border, the President of the United States threatened Iran with nuclear war:

As anyone knows, excessive use of the caps lock key is a sign of an unhinged mind. Especially when sober (Mr. Trump is a teetotaler). So, for that matter, is threatening the nuclear annihilation of an entire country over a perceived slight. Everyone in the world knows how unhinged Mr. Trump is, except his base. Thanks to them, Mr. Trump’s declaration that “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and wouldn’t lose any voters,” is probably the truest thing he has ever said.

Meanwhile, the week is young; anything can happen. Paul Manafort was in court Monday. His trial was delayed until July 31. However, jury selection begins this week.

Whatever Mr. Trump does – or whatever is done to him – do not be distracted. Do not forget the crime against humanity that Mr. Trump is perpetrating at our southern border. Help however you can, and pray for deliverance from the buffoonish, traitorous, thin-skinned narcissist in the White House.

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