Patheos Celebrates Starwars, May the 4th be With You

Patheos Celebrates Starwars, May the 4th be With You May 4, 2021

Family Movie Night is a serious thing in our household…
Proper attire required, no exceptions!

Mark Wilson over at The Catholic Bard at Patheos, has assembled for your enjoyment, a virtual buffet of Star Wars related videos to amuse those in whom the Geekdom lives loudly.   I felt a disturbance in the force once I finished perusing his selections, for it omitted something that should not have been forgotten.

I speak of the Grudge Matches from the early years of the blogosphere, when creativity with words reigned supreme.  So, in an effort to enlighten those younger than the internet, with how the prior generations of cyberspace amused themselves, I bring you this forever favorite of mine.

The grudge match between the Red Shirted Ensigns and the Storm Troopers.

The Starwars references brought back pleasant memories of 2019 and the most recent movie my family as a family has seen.  It was (you guessed it), the last Star Wars movie.

The one daughter that didn’t make the photo was away at school when this event took place.  However, we would be remiss to let this day go by without some sort of acknolwedgement so May the 4th be with you, and with your spirit…and know that tomorrow, we will be enduring the revenge of the 5th.

In honor of the occasion, go watch the “putting the awk in awkard” holiday special of Starwars that I remember watching when it came on November 17, 1978.  Some things *regrettable though they are, stay with you no matter what.    If you prefer your psyche undamaged, may I recommend Rogue One because it is the best Star Wars movie…fighting on the internet to commence in 3…2…1.

However, I do want the world to know, there’s even more fun in the Starwars universe for those who want to celebrate the day with humor.   So I offer these selections from my children’s collective knowledge of the Starwars Universe.

Why Anikin became Darth Vader  (It’s a better explanation than any of the movies). 

What’s My Motivation?  –from a Star Wars video game

And my personal favorite: Darth Vader as a Dad.

Live long and prosper, be nice to muggles and remember, Ivanova is God.   Not really, but she’s so much fun. 

p.s.  Hoping Mark Wilson will take pity on me as the apprentice on this platform and teach me how to post videos instead of just links. (He did obviously). 

P.P.S.  Of course, tomororw is Revenge of the Fifth…so serve tacos and oranges with the rind still on so they taste bitter -revenge of the pith.   If you can’t have revenge on the one you swore, revenge the one you’re with and last one (I promise), remember if revenge is sweet and best served cold, revenge is ice cream.

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