May the Star Wars Music and Comedy Be With You

May the Star Wars Music and Comedy Be With You May 4, 2021

Catholics, Protestants, Wickins, Atheists, Nerds, Geeks, Serious People, Silly People, Republicans, Democrats, Communists

All Watch Star Wars.

May the Fourth – Thy Geekdom Come


To celebrate Star Wars Day, Here are some amusing Star Wars Music and Comedy to amuse your inner nerd

that everyone can enjoy, laugh sing and get along together.

May the Fourth Be With You.

The Mandalorian also reiterates the definition of what true virtuous masculinity really is. With all this talk about toxic masculinity in today’s political climate, The Mandalorian uses an unconventional story arc to communicate what it means to be a male father-figure in spite of living in a universe of scum and villainy.- Rene Albert, The Pro-Life Authenticity of The Mandalorian

Baby Yoda (Star Wars song)•Jan 13, 2020

I decided to use my movie pass and go out to the movies on a Tuesday night. My daughter thought I was joking and didn’t believe me as I drove away. She doesn’t know I have MoviePass. As I was sitting in the movie theater watching my movie, me and three other people I found out later were people from my church, a guy comes up to me, as I was sitting in the back row, and asks me, “Is this Star Wars?”. I said “no”, looking at the screen, “this is Pope Francis”. The smiling pontiff was clearly visible on the screen and he really didn’t look like Han Solo. He said something like, “OK”, and left.Mark Wilson May 30, 2018

 Dark Side Light Side (Star Wars song) •Nov 10, 2017

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