The Voices Trampled By The Women’s March Movement

The Voices Trampled By The Women’s March Movement January 26, 2017

16195969_10100186055211279_8093126760605561752_nYesterday, I came across a meme that read, “The Men’s March Against Fascism didn’t have nearly as many signs” over the backdrop of some american soldiers leaving a boat to charge the beaches of Normandy (this was certainly referring to The Women’s March movement). The streak of irony was undeniable.

The beaches of Normandy were charged with an intent to tear down The Nazi Empire, bring justice to those who died in war, and to stop the genocide of what we now call the Holocaust. Yet, the so-called ‘Women’s March Movement’ seeks to preserve funding for liberal organizations, dilute the voices of women that have suffered, and preserve the genocide of children.

As I write this, we are 6 days in The Women’s March Movement. For me, it’s been 6 days of skepticism and contemplation. It’s an event that I’ve tried to give an unbiased hearing and  listen for real injustices. But after all the videos, news stories, interviews, and social media interaction, it’s clear the Women’s March is nothing more than a Planned Parenthood funded, pro-abortion,  movement wearing the trendy disguise of a human rights event.

Can we please stop pretending this march/movement is so well intended? If you spend any amount of time on their webpage you will find that very first unity principle is “Ending Violence.” This sounds nice. The second unity principle is “Reproductive Rights”, or abortion. In fact, the site even lists abortion under the principle. Anyone see the problem here? You can’t have abortion without violence. The two are married together. The very act is slathered in viciousness.

They go on to list a number of other unity principles, which I won’t bother to comment on because it doesn’t matter. Those voices are not being heard. The other unity principles are nothing but fodder for a political bait and switch. When you hitch your cart of great ideas to a carriage driven by Satan (with Planned Parenthood in passenger seat), it doesn’t matter what you say. You will never be heard over the noisy evil agenda you’ve found yourself attached to.

I honestly believe there are well-intentioned women with well-intentioned voices in the marches.  That’s great. We, as a society, need to hear their story.  But, I suggest they not tell in an environment so thick in nonsensical liberal agenda. It angers me, and should anger you, that these hurting voices are being drowned-out by protesters wearing hats that look like a vagina (that was your big plan… a vagina hat?!). It’s absurd. Yet, that is the kind of absurdity you get when you pair yourself with organizations like Planned Parenthood.

It should be pointed out that if you go to The March’s webpage you will find a large Planned Parenthood logo at the top of the sponsor page and at the top of the partner’s page. Not to mention, there are women on the March’s committee who also lead fund raising for Planned Parenthood. If you spend more time on the page (I don’t advise this) you will find links to get on newsletters that help you “Oppose Trump” and other sponsors who give coaching on how to fight back against Trump and his “Cabinet of Horrors”.

Yet, perhaps the clearest evidence that the Women’s March is little more than politically driven fodder comes from a quote by Cecile Richards herself, President of Planned Parenthood:

“[The march will] send a strong message to the incoming administration that millions of people across this country are prepared to fight attacks on reproductive healthcare, abortion services and access to Planned Parenthood, [which] hopes that [in the future] many of the protesters will mobilize in its defense when Trump and congressional Republicans make their attempt to strip the organization of millions in federal funding.”

Federal funding? I thought this was about human rights and equality, ending violence, health, and families? Nope, funding.

The real voices of human rights and equality will never be heard if organizations like Planned Parenthood continue to silence them. In some cases, they silence them with forceps and in others with meaningless marches.

Lastly, if you are reading this and are truly oppressed, in danger, or in need,  I know for a fact there are churches in your area who would love an opportunity to listen to your story. The church of Jesus Christ is meant to be a place of love, compassion, and rest. This blog is called The Chorus In The Chaos because amidst all the chaos we believe there is a voice of truth, peace, and reason. You won’t find that in marches like the one mentioned above. True unity, parity, and equity will only be found in Jesus.

Please, seek Him while He still may be found.

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