After Canceling on Christmas, Megachurch to Demonstrate Faithfulness by Streaming Super Bowl During Worship

After Canceling on Christmas, Megachurch to Demonstrate Faithfulness by Streaming Super Bowl During Worship February 1, 2017

4087187881_4d6ab0081e_bDALLAS, TX – Full Enjoyment Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas has announced they will be streaming The Super Bowl live during their regularly scheduled Sunday evening service. The announcement comes on the heels of some backlash the church received, after they canceled services on Christmas and New Years (which both fell on Sunday) a few weeks ago. Many questioned the church’s faithfulness to corporate worship.

The church says they will start streaming the game behind the pulpit, and leave it on for the entire duration of the church service. It’s hoped that the streaming of the game will show the community that the church is dedicated to corporate worship and draw in big crowds.

“I made a mistake of prioritizing holiday celebration over worship a month or so ago, I won’t make that mistake again”  commented Pastor Tom Rose. “Worship God first; I’ve learned my lesson. We are a church dedicated to corporate worship and to prove it, we’re combining the two – worship and football! What could be more American? If we play our cards right we might even get the offering synced up with the half time show. I hope to see you there!”

While the decision has raised more questions around the community about the church’s ability to prioritize the worship of God over other activities, it has also been met with much support from members of the congregation.

“This is awesome! I’m bringing chips, soft drinks and my beer dispensing hat” exclaimed one excited church goer. “I just hope they are streaming the big game in HD. I will not be pleased if I get there and this thing is standard definition. I mean what year is it, 2003!?”

The message for Sunday evening is titled “Some Will Wear Crowns and Others Will Wear Frowns” and is over The Great Judgement.



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  • Basement Berean

    I can’t tell if this is parody or not.

  • Realist1234

    I cant believe a church would call itself ‘Full Enjoyment’.