3 Surprising Places Christianity Is Exploding In The World Today

3 Surprising Places Christianity Is Exploding In The World Today September 18, 2015

Here are three surprising places that Christianity is exploding in the world today.


Many believe that from the Sahara Desert down to the southern tip of South Africa, there are more Christians concentrated there than any other place in the world. There has been rapid growth in Christianity in Africa that has outstripped that of the Islamic faith and technically, it makes it the most religious place on earth, if only due to the massive number of Christians living there. For example, in Soweto, they started with a handful of people in a very small church in 1993 but now this same church has more than 15,000 members and 11 satellite churches across South Africa. Today, almost one in four Christians live in Africa and the rate of increase was about 35% in the last ten years. Nigeria, the Democratic of Congo, Ethiopia, is among the top ten nations with the most Christian population.



About a century ago, 2/3rds of the Christians in the world lived in the Europe. In Europe today it is closer to 1 in 4 are Christians but this doesn’t mean the decline and fall of Christianity because if you count Nepal and China, these are the two most rapidly growing in Christian population than any place on earth. Nepal leads the way with an annual growth rate of almost 11% while in China, it is growing at nearly the same rate (10.86%). [1] For China, which is the largest nation on earth that accounts for the fastest growth rate in the world for Christianity but of course, most of that is underground. Could you imagine if it were embraced by the Chinese government and not made illegal? Already, 7 in 10 Christians live outside of the West which may be why the more the church is persecuted, the more it spreads, as indeed, the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church.


This area is one of the most overlooked areas for the explosion in Christian growth. Counting India, Nepal, Cambodia, and many of the other tiny nations in Indonesia, this is the third most rapidly growing area for Christians in the world. As I wrote earlier, the Christian population is in Nepal and other parts of Indonesia is growing at an exponentially fast rate and the fact is that 19 of the countries in the top 20 in growth for the Christian population are in Asia and Africa. The world has its own “Bible belt” and it lies across Indonesia, southern Asia, and into most of Africa. The so-called Bible belt has sagged to the south and to the east but it is still there.


The explosive growth of Christians in Indonesia, southern Asia, China and Africa has dwarfed the churches of North America and Europe which are on the decline. Brazil’s growth has been amazing too as this nation is the second leading receiving nation for foreign missions. Now, the places that are the most fertile ground for the gospel are where most Christians used to live. They are growing increasingly secular but they are in more need of the gospel than perhaps any one else on earth. It might start with you and your next door neighbor. Whoever waters and whoever plants is nothing because “God gave the increase” (1st Cor 3:6).

Article by Jack Wellman

Jack Wellman is Pastor of the Mulvane Brethren church in Mulvane Kansas. Jack is also the Senior Writer at What Christians Want To Know whose mission is to equip, encourage, and energize Christians and to address questions about the believer’s daily walk with God and the Bible. You can follow Jack on Google Plus or check out his book Teaching Children the Gospel available on Amazon.

1. A September 3rd, 2013 report that identified the top 20 countries that have the highest percentage Christianity Average Annual Growth Rate (AAGR). The full report can be found online at www.globalchristianity.org/globalcontext

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  • pud

    The only thing you got right here “pastor jack” is “fertile ground”…You do know what fertilizer is made of don’t you? Your cult has a long history of indoctrination by force…now that you’re not able to wield that power you’ve settled on the most stupid ignorant uneducated backwards corners of the earth. Do you know that the IQ of Sub Saharan Africa is about 80? That’s more than 20 points lower than the educated west and probably about the IQ of your parish and the state of Kansas

    • Jeremiah

      IQ has nothing to do with it considering many (if not most) of the best scientists that have ever lived have been Jews and Christian’s.

      Are you hungry for the truth and humble enough to receive it?

      That is why the west is lagging right now. That is about to change radically though, mark my words. The US and Europe are about to become the most Christian they have ever been. The Lord has not given up on us, He’s too good to do that.

      • pud

        While not a vaccine against delusional superstition, IQ is the best predictor of who will be vulnerable to the “god virus” and will be immune.

        Define “truth” and how you know what is and is not “true”

        The “West” isn’t “lagging” and the “words” of a delusional believer of nonsense don’t need to be “marked”

        Religious psycho babble have no power over me

  • The recent Pew Research study showed Islam growing even faster, with Islam pulling abreast by 2050 or shortly after.

    This impressive growth is all due to babies. Christians are having lots of babies in the third world; ditto Muslims. That trend is slowing, and religion will increasingly have to increase market share in the marketplace of ideas, not just by cranking out more babies that will adopt the religion of their parents.

    • Mannheimer

      That Pew study is very flawed. It omits Christianity for example in China completely, claiming it has no reliable numbers. At the same time, it claims that for example in Saudi Arabia, there’s 99% muslims, even though a recent Gallup poll showed there’s 20% atheists in Saudi Arabia. At the same time, muslim apostates are unlikely to admit they left islam, so there’s no reliable data about Saudi Arabia or any other muslim country, esp. places such as Iran, Indonesia or Pakistan and Bangladesh. In Malaysia or Indonesia for example, you are born a muslim and your ID says you are a muslim. It is almost impossible to get that legally changed and if you do, you will be threatened or lose your job. Same in Turkey. But Pew still used these flawed numbers for their study and it didn’t keep Pew from claiming their data is reliable. They tried to make islam look good in that study.

      • The Pew study had a substantial list of caveats.

        You’re saying they had an agenda to make Islam look good? What did they do to make Islam look good? You mean, make it look big?

        This is all tangential to my point.

  • Sacra

    And it will grow and grow with the return of the lion..