Gifts for the Homeless

Gifts for the Homeless July 7, 2017

What can you do to help the homeless or should you do anything at all? Here are some gift ideas for the homeless if you choose to help someone.

Growing Homelessness

There are probably not very many of us who know someone who is homeless, and most people wouldn’t go out of their way to meet them, but the numbers of homeless people is growing today. Growing numbers of homeless people come from growing rents which are pushing people living on the margins into homelessness. I was able to break the cycle of dysfunction in my family and smash the cycle of poverty. But I had a little help. Some homelessness if caused by job loss or a serious illness that puts the person or family in financial ruin. And of course, alcoholism and drug abuse cause many to lose everything, including their families. The number of reasons for people becoming homeless is almost as diverse as the stories themselves. The number of homeless people, estimated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development back in 1996, which was the last serious attempt to count them, was almost 900,000. Today, conservative estimates are that well over one million people are homeless in the United States and as many as 42% of these may be children! That makes it even worse.

Gifts for the Homeless

I have created a list of gift items that are best suited to give to those who are homeless and usually, hopeless. I solicited churches that helped the homeless. I talked with ministries, Case Managers, the SRS, and I ask them if they can think of something else that I can add to this list, so if you can think of something else, please comment and leave us your suggestion. There is likely something I missed. This is from my own experience so maybe there is something that you might think of that I didn’t.

So here is my list. Please add to it if you can think of something. And perhaps I can inspire you to give some hope to the hopeless and homeless…even if it’s your time. Random acts of kindness hold their own reward. From my own personal experience and talking with many people who work with the homeless, cash is not recommended, so here are a few suggestions.

A pillow

A sleeping bag


A crank up radio, flashlight and emergency weather radio

A Backpack


An electric razor

A baseball hat/cap and a stocking cap

Cotton gloves


Hand crank can opener

Phone card

A hand-crank flashlight

Spray water bottle

Portable radio with batteries

Reading glasses

Movie tickets

Scented deodorant

Variety store gift card

Plastic cup with sealable lid


Food or grocery store gift card

Books (including children’s books)

A Bible

Paper, envelopes, pens and stamps


A lighted magnifier (for reading at night and since many may need glasses but can’t afford them)

Reading glasses



Who Are They?

There are only two churches in our town which helps the homeless with things like these I mentioned above; the church just north of us and our church, as we can afford to. Yes, some people are homeless by choice and choose not to work, but not all homeless people are homeless by their own choice. Many are veterans and the elderly. Some are single mothers living in their cars. Others are under a bridge somewhere just trying to survive. It’s unfair to assume that everyone who is homeless deserved to be and it is only by the grace of God that many of us are not in the same situation, so what can we do. How can one person make a difference? How can any one person help so many? The answer is, you can only help one person or family at a time. At least that it is something. There are some who break free of the cycle of homelessness, and who in turn, try to help others do the same thing because they understand their situation. They can relate better than most of us can. It is a wonderful thing to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty and it perhaps the most powerful way we can pay it forward.  Who are the poor?  People just like us.

God’s Care for the Poor

The Bible says a lot about the poor. Jesus said the poor will always be with us (Matt 26:11), which is much the same as recorded in the Old Testament, where it says, “there will be no poor among you; for the Lord will bless you in the land that the Lord your God is giving you for an inheritance to possess” (Deut 15:4), so even though the poor will always be with us, God says, “You shall open wide your hand to your brother, to the needy and to the poor, in your land” (Deut 15:11). Undoubtedly, the rich have frequently exploited the poor, which is contrary to the civil law, “You shall not oppress a hired worker who is poor and needy, whether he is one of your brothers or one of the sojourners who are in your land within your towns” (Deut 24:14), so it is a sin to withhold a worker’s fair wages (Deut 24:15). Sadly, the homeless and poor will always be around until Christ establishes His kingdom, when all suffering will end (Rev 21:4), so we must realize that it’s part of our fallen world, but just because they will always be with us doesn’t mean we don’t ever help them. Incidentally, some of the happiest people on the planet are those who don’t have much, so we know that things or possessions don’t bring happiness.


We see so many needs in this world that it feels overwhelming, and we feel that there’s nothing we can do. There are so many who have needs around today that we might feel there isn’t anything we can do about it, but because we can’t solve everything doesn’t mean we can’t at least do something. It’s true we can’t help them all, but it does not mean we can’t help some. One person can make a difference, even if they touch one person’s life for good. Whatever you do for the least of these, Jesus says, you have done it to Him (Matt 25:40). Don’t ever think that by only helping one person you won’t make much of a difference; it makes a great deal of difference to that one person.

Article by Jack Wellman

Jack Wellman is Pastor of the Mulvane Brethren Church in Mulvane Kansas. Jack is host of Spiritual Fitness and also the Senior Writer at What Christians Want To Know whose mission is to equip, encourage, and energize Christians and to address questions about the believer’s daily walk with God and the Bible. You can follow Jack on Google Plus or check out his book Teaching Children the Gospel available on Amazon.

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  • Oliver

    Excellent Jack!
    Along with your treatise on visiting the elderly and caring for them you have outlined what it means to really be a Christian in thought and deed.

    • Jack Wellman

      Thank you kindly sir. It is only because of He Who lives in us, all glory to Him (Psalm 115:1; 1 Cor 4:7).

      • pud

        Only a psychotic egotistical “god” would require “glory”

      • Oliver

        Amen Jack. It’s all about Him and not about us.

        • pud

          Trash. Demonstrate there is a “him” Try. You will fail miserably. And if there was a “him” and if it was “all about him” then you are nothing but a slave…a puppet…an amusement.

          You need to grow up too

          • Oliver

            You obviously did not read the articles I posted multiple links on many of the posts here on Christian Crier.


            You are always demanding we furnish proof. We have more than done so. You are spamming each time you repeat your diatribes. Keep this in mind. Spamming is forbidden on this and any forum.

            Please go elsewhere like on a demon worshipping forum or and atheist forum. Apparently you don’t seem to read and get the messages. Sorry.

            We will pray for you as we turn from you and dust our sandals. Only God the Father can help you now IF to turn to His Son, Jesus Iesous, Y’shua I AM. I will not respond further to you. We are forbidden to carry on conversations with the demonically possessed. May God have mercy on your soul.

            Thank you for blessing us with the opportunity to share our faith. Now move along please. God does not want us to waste our precious time on someone who refuses to see and hear.

          • pud

            Demonstrate that “demons” exist…Try

            You’ve never put forward a single “proof” Try Try even a shred of supporting evidence…you will fail

            Prayer does nothing…never has, never will

            “Demonically possessed” LOL


          • Oliver
          • pud

            LOL!!! hahhahahahaa! DUDE! Do you know what “evidence” is? Do you have even the tiniest of clues?

          • Jack Wellman

            Yes, agreed. Pud does us much good and she doesn’t even realize it. Sad that she doesn’t even want to use her real name.

          • pud

            That’s the other thing all cults do….forbid their members from entertaining any ideas outside the cult

          • What’s a “demon worshipping forum”?

          • Oliver

            Democratic Underground

          • Maybe you need to urgently seek psychiatric help.

          • Oliver

            Perhaps you should consider you serve lucifer

          • pud

            ENTIRELY MADE UP, POLITICAL and NONSENSE! Absolute bullshit if you bothered to care for ACTUAL history


          • Who’s Lucifer?

          • pud

            A completely fictional man made character by the early church to compel people to tow the line and give the all clear to kill jews, witches, protestants and anyone who stood in the way of the lunatic popes


          • Amen! Pud. This Lucifer character gave the power brokers in medieval Europe an excuse to burn witches at the stake, and the Protestant John Calvin had 34 witches burnt at the stake in Geneva. Is there nothing that some Evangelicals wouldn’t do (If only they had political power) to oppress us atheists?

            These people live in a world of demons and angels and other invisible characters such as Lucifer.

          • Oliver

            Amen? JA,
            Odd you should use that word since you do not believe in God.
            Do you even know what it means?

          • pud

            “What’s interesting is i took a look who the hebrew devil was, Helel Ben Shachar, so i find out it means Son of Shachar, so i took a look at who Shachar was, come to find out Shachar was the goddess of Dawn ( In canaanite mythology ) or goddess of the morning, So Helel Ben Shachar would be Son of the Dawn = Son of the morning = Lucifer ( Morning star ) = Planet Venus.”

            In other words….mythology. Man made mythology by stupid ignorant men

          • Oliver

            I posted who. He is real.

          • pud

            Demonstrate how you KNOW “he” is real….waiting….waiting…. The words of other crackpots is not evidence.

          • Didn’t you know I’m possessed with your imaginary “demons”? Captain “Lucifer” (that invisible fictional character) must be guiding me as I differ from you and support the wrong political party. It must be the “luciferian” political party, musn’t it?

          • Oliver

            You must have an agenda. And indeed anyone who follows the Rules for Radicals agrees with its dedication to lucifer.

          • What agenda do I have?

        • pud

          Exactly how every cult operates …every single one has a “him”

    • pud

      No it’s not…it’s absurd. A genuinely altruistic person doesn’t need the carrot and stick of some delusional religion to do good deeds. Your cult perverts doing kindness for selfless reasons as it carries the hook of your ridiculous apocalyptic death cult preying on the feeble minds of the elderly and young.

      Corrupt to the core

    • pud

      Wrong as usual….Anyone is capable of empathy and those who are without the carrot and stick of delusional religion are far more noble. You and your cult have no monopoly on good deeds and I would argue that you are worse because your generosity, such that it may be, doesn’t come organically but by ordination and command from your made up invisible celestial dictator who chooses not to do a damn thing on his own.

      This essay perfectly illustrates how messed up you and your cult are.

      • Oliver

        You indeed He/She/It with your moniker which means D|ck have no empathy.
        You are the height of hypocrisy. Empathy? You have none. You have stated it is your mission in life to persecute those of us who are in Christ Christos Jesus Iesous Y’shua.
        You are to be pitied for your unrelenting hatred.
        Your day is coming for reckoning.
        Repent! Even you can be saved from the demons who inhabit you.

        • pud

          Can’t you spell “dick”? Did you somehow avoid a sin by fooling “christ christos jesus jesous y’shua” with a purposeful mis-spelling?

          You don’t know what I have empathy for so you’ve just made another false claim from your imagination.

          I have no interest in persecuting anyone only exposing your cult for what it is and what it does…namely lie to children.

          You don’t know if I have any hatred at all so you’ve just made yet another false claim from your imagination.

          My day of reckoning is coming eh? By your vengeful invisible psychotic ego centered deity who you can offer absolutely no evidence for? That wicked mean spirited nasty man made superstition? That one?

          “Demons” do not exist…they don’t cause your neighbors cow to die, they don’t cause disease and they only whisper in the ears of the most truly psychotic people…do they talk to you?

          • Oliver

            I won’t spell our your obnoxious PUD meaning therefore the piping |
            And you have no idea who Jesus Iesous Y’shua is.
            His Hebrew name varies in spelling.
            Aramaic ancient spelling more exact.
            It translates to Joshua in English.
            You know nothing of Him.
            You will indeed hear “Depart from me I never knew you.”
            PUD you are a real piece of work.. working for lucifer that is.
            Yet even you may be saved even with your depravity.
            Expect no more dialogue from me.
            Christians are told not to have conversations with demoniacs.

          • pud

            This reply clearly demonstrates how warped the religious mind is..

            You meant to type “dick’..You clearly implied, intimated, suggested, intended and wanted to convey “dick” and everyone on earth knows what you meant!

            Yet, you were compelled to fool yourself and delude yourself into BELIEVING that you somehow made clean an insult you clearly meant to be dirty.

            You can spell the name of your mythical man anyway you want…doesn’t change a thing. DEMONSTRATE the truth of your claims!

            There is no such thing as “lucifer” and spelling the name of this CHURCH made up nonsense doesn’t make it less unreal…DEMONSTRATE the truth of your claims!

            Oh….no more talking to anyone who questions the doctrine of the cult…..EXACTLY what every cult does!

            And you’re not sick eh? Better go read your buybull where it commands you to engage with everyone to defend your “FAITH”

          • pud

            PS…you know NOTHING of “him” either! Tell me all about the most important figure that ever was….What did he look like, what did his voice sound like, what did he do for his 1st 30 years, what did he like, dislike….Tell me all about his writings…oh, there are none! Did he fart? Ever get sick? What was his favorite food? Tell me a fraction of what would be contained in even a shoddy biography…oh, you can’t! Gee funny that huh?

            You KNOW nothing of “him”…you pretend to know and you swallow what little some strangers 2000 years ago wrote that tell you next to NOTHING about this critical to humanity figure. You and your fellow cultists MAKE BELIEVE all manner of crap about “him”..what you’ve seen in illustrations or velvet art Surely “HE” was 6 feet tall, blonde and blue eyed right? What if “he” was squat, fat and ugly….???? Hmmmmm? What if he had a lisp and was feminine or even gay?

            And where is he? MIA dude…MIA

            You “KNOW” nothing…you live in a fantasy inside your own head…a warped self deluded fantasy

  • pud

    And while all this suffering goes on and on and on your gentle jesus meek and mild does nothing. Absolutely nothing to alleviate even the slightest bit of suffering.

    Seeing as your “god” is all powerful and all good…this lack of concern and willful indifference clearly makes him a psychopath wouldn’t you have to agree jack?

  • Jack Wellman

    Poor Pud…Since she doesn’t believe in God then guess what, all of the suffering in the world is on humanity.

    • pud

      Welcome to reality! Nature is a pathological killer…everything suffers, dies and is obliterated sooner or later. 99.9% of all species that ever existed are extinct and we will be too. Everything on this planet lives on a knife edge..this is FACT…some grand design by your benevolent creator god eh? Even the planet will cease to exist someday! It is a brute fact of nature whether you like it or not.

      Rational brave people realize this and do the best they can to give meaning to their lives and minimize the suffering of all other living things…they don’t act, think and behave like infants who don’t get what they want and either throw a tantrum or make up some nonsense story to quiet their trembling lips and dry their weeping eyes.

      Rational people don’t “believe” in anything either…we accept certain propositions as provisionally true based upon evidence…we don’t blindly and ignorantly “believe” the absurd or the words of ancient superstitious religious lunatics who you don’t even know the first thing about!

      Suffering is endemic to life. This is a brute fact of nature who has no conscience or moral issue with wiping everything out in a nanosecond. Only those with minds like children make up deities and celestial father figures to give themselves false comfort and deluded fraudulent certainty.

      Time to grow up jack! Pretending is no way for an adult to go through life

  • pud

    “jesus” never said anything…your storybook said that he said this or that. There were no recording devices 2000 years ago…You do not even know who it was who said he said this or that!

    Nevertheless…..It is a testament to the wickedness of your celestial “jesus” that he would accept that there would always be poor when supposedly he is the creator god who can do anything including wiping out poverty with a blink or some of his leprosy healing spit. LOL Just like diseases, poverty should be well within the power of a deity to end….yet your deity does nothing but sit back and watch all the suffering. You would condemn a medical doctor for withholding a cure for cancer wouldn’t you jack? Yet you give your invisible absent man made deity a pass and “glorify” his indifference and callousness towards all the horrific suffering that takes place day in and day out.

    Now just how rational is this jack?

  • Oliver
  • Oliver

    From Got Questions:
    Attempts to change societies and cultures from without will always fail. Changing people on the inside is God’s work through His Holy Spirit, and therefore no one can be forced into the kingdom. God is more interested in saving people’s souls than He is in forcing people to obey His laws. If an unsaved person if forced to obey God’s law, he would be doing it out of fear and obligation. God wants a person to come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9) and then to obey His commands out of reverence and love (1 John 5:3). So the answer to the question is no. God has not called us to enforce His commands on an unredeemed world. Rather, he has called us to proclaim the message of salvation-the redeeming power and life-transforming message of Jesus’ death on the cross (Romans 5:8).
    [ It is useless to talk with people such as Pud. I will not bother further. He is either confronted by the Great God Almighty to repent and turn from his ways or not.
    I pray he is awakened to the truth but speaking with the demoniacs changes nothing.
    I will block him/her/it once again.

    • pud

      Define and demonstrate “spirit” let alone “holy spirit”….made up gibberish…yep

      Tell us all about the “magical kingdom”….how do you know? Where exactly is it? What will you do for your first trillion years there?

      “god wants”??? How do you KNOW what your “god” “wants”? Oh! Some no name stranger 2000 years ago said so! LOL

      Those who love don’t issue COMMANDS…hello? Dictators command. Tyrants command.


      Just like a good cult member

    • “Attempts to change societies and cultures from without will always fail.”

      Well I agree with you that attempts to impose biblical laws in the manner advocated by Dominion theologians and Theonomists would be dangerous and repressive. We would have capital punishment for adultery, homosexuality, picking up sticks on the Sabbath etc.

      Though some social change such as providing for a social safety net for the poor and the needy by democratic governments seems to me to be beneficial. Not all change by governments is bad.

      For change to be lasting and beneficial a significant portion of society must have a change in values, norms, world views and ideologies. It is not required that these changes be Christian to be beneficial to society. But if they raise people’s compassion and loving kindness and practical steps are taken, then there is likely to be change in the right direction.

      Not all change should be at government level. Much of the change can come from voluntary action,

  • pud

    “Handouts” are not “Hands Up” I’m sure a “buybull” is just the ticket for a starving homeless person….Yeah, a buybull and some “scented deodorant” LOL How generous! Why not take them in jack? Let them live in your parish house like “jesus” would…assuming “jesus” had a house. This is yet another example of the sickness that is your evangelical cult….everything comes with a hook, everything you do is pitifully meaningless, everything is all about making you feel good about yourself and NOTHING to do with reality. Pitiful!

  • pud

    The lord is my shepherd…LOL OOPS!

    Teen wakes to ‘crunching noise’ as bear drags him out of campsite by head
    USA TODAY 2h ago
    Crews hunting bear that attacked sleeping camper in Boulder County
    Highly Cited FOX31 Denver 22h ago
    ‘Woke Up To Crunching Sound’: Teen Attacked By Bear While Sleeping
    CBS Local 14h ago

    Bear attacks camp staffer at Glacier View Ranch Christian retreat northwest of Boulder

  • pud

    More religious lunacy in the news….confirmation bias at its finest! Amazing how they leave out how many get killed in wildfires, all the destruction but praise the lord that the FIREFIGHTERS showed up…not rain by the way! LOL LUNATICS

    One of the most dangerous is the Whittier Fire in Santa Barbara County in coastal Southern California, which threatened children at a summer camp and has forced about 3,500 people to leave their homes, Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown said Sunday.

    Firefighters saved at least 60 campers who were attending the Circle V Ranch, a popular summer camp, authorities said.

    One of the campers, Amayah Madere, told CNN affiliate WCBS she was swimming in the pool when a counselor told her to get out of the water and change change clothes in a hurry. Campers were escorted to a dining hall to wait while firefighters battled flames around them, she said.

    “I prayed that if I didn’t die I would go to church and right when I prayed the firefighters came,” Madere said.

  • Raymond

    Well, not an electric razor, for the same reason you mentioned wind-up lanterns and flashlights. If you are concerned about them having access to blades, you can take them to the barber shop, or find a barber that serves the homeless and support him financially.