Love Letter 29

Love Letter 29 October 5, 2014

I absolutely adore you – really it’s true. From the shape of your body, (I promise there was not one iota of creepy energy when I wrote that :-)) to the eager curiosity and care of your heart, to the kindness and loyalty you offer your friends (including me), to the sacrifices you make when sacrifice is called for, to the realization that you act out of obligation – a Spirit driven obligation – in this life, and perhaps most of all for those eyes that say to me, “I’m damn glad to see you right now.” Do you have any idea how gorgeous, lovely, and fantabulous you are? Barbara and I have a Storypeople on our wall. It says, “Are you a princess?” “Oh no, I’m much more than a princess, you just don’t have a word for it here on earth.” Yeah, there’s just no word to describe it. I love you.


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