Book update – “Lost:A Search for Meaning”

Book update – “Lost:A Search for Meaning” September 11, 2006

I spoke with the publisher today, and they are very excited about the book.  they are fast-tracking its publication, in fact. The final edits will be done by the end of the week, and I’ll give my final sign-off on their changes next week.  They are pushing to go to print by the end of September, with a release date of late October.


Perhaps one of the best things about this schedule is that, if they stick to it, the book will release during the “Lost” mini-season in October/November. This certainly will help its visibility.

I am both excited and terrified by the buzz at the publisher about my book. They are putting everyhting behind it, and are hopeful it will not only be one of their best sellers, but perhaps that it will be their best selling book ever, according to my editor.  No pressure there! But it is exciting to hear each level of the publishing house getting excited about the project as they read it over.  I’ve already presented a second book proposal to them that will be reviewed later this week, however they may wait to see how this first one does before making another commitment.

I’ll keep everyone posted as I know more.  I should have a cover to share soon, although I have not figured out how to post photos on this site yet.  anyone who knows, help a brother out! Also, once I have a firm release date, I’ll post that ,as well as a date for the interview on  If you don’t already know about this podcast and you’re a Lost fan, check it out. I think they have somewhere between 20,000 and 25,000 fans and growing daily. Good stuff.

Finally, I’m working through the details with the publisher to post a FREE chater of the book on my site,  Once that’s sealed, I’ll let everyone know.

Enough for now.
Christian Piatt

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  • cham719

    I am excited for you and looking forward to the book. I personally will be buying several copies. So, with family and friends, you are well on your way!