What Are Your “Banned Questions” About Christians?

What Are Your “Banned Questions” About Christians? November 8, 2011

I’ve really enjoyed working the last couple of years on a new book series called the “Banned Questions” series. The first book, Banned Questions About the Bible, came out in early 2011 and the second, Banned Questions About Jesus, was just recently published.

Aside from taking on provocative and challenging theological material, at the heart of the series is a spirit of collaboration. Though I created and edit the books, I invite more than a dozen other writers to contribute to each volume. The idea is that, rather than persuading people to see things my way, I’d rather present a number of viewpoints and invite readers to decide for themselves what they believe.

I’m now working on the third book in the series, Banned Questions About Christians, and I want to expand the conversation further, and begin it earlier. To this end, I’ve created an online page where anyone can add their own “Banned Questions” about Christians or Christianity, and they can also vote on the list of questions to help sort out which ones are most interesting to the public. Though the final list of fifty questions likely will not come verbatim from this list, it will heavily influence what ultimately goes into the book.

As a teaser, I thought I’d list the current top five questions posted to the list. These are unedited, taken directly from the content posted by participants:

#1 Can you be GLBTQ and be a Christian? A minister?
More and more denominations and christian communities are welcoming GLBTQ people, as well as Ordaining GLBTQ as ministers. Is this really possible?

#2 What is Prosperity Gospel? Where did it come from?
Preachers like Joel Osteen preach about Jesus wanting us to be rich. Where does this belief come from? Wasn’t Jesus poor? Didn’t he tell rich people to give everything away?

#3 Blonde haired, blue eyed Jesus? Really?
Historically Christians feel compelled to make Jesus look and dress like they do. Why? Do Christians do anything similar today?

#4 Do Christians not believe in science?
Do all Christians not believe in science? Can a scientist be a Christian? Have there been famous scientists that were Christians?

#5 Why so many different names for leaders of church?
Why are there so many different names for people who lead churches? Is it “pastor”, “priest”, “father”, “bishop”, “brother”, “Reverend”, “sister”, ‘mother” Is one better than the other? Which one is “correct” (if any)?

Do you have a burning question about Christians or the Christian faith you’ve always wondered about but have been afraid to ask? Would you like to help determine what questions make it into the next book? CLICK HERE to visit the growing conversation, and to add your voice to the mix.

Thanks for taking part in this fun little experiment, and stay tuned for more details as the list gets closer to being finalized.

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  • Anonymous

     When You embark on the study of the Bible one of the 1st “banned questions You run into after the creation/Adam & Eve section, is “Who are the sons of God that came into the daughters of men?” I have heard numerous times these are sons of Seth, does that mean the daughters of men were only from Cain? If we work through it there is only one answer that fits, the same answer given in detail in the book of Enoch, which leads to the next question: If the book of Enoch is quoted in the new testament as scripture, why was it excluded from the Bible at Nicaea by a group of men?
     Other favorite Banned Questions:
    # Since Passover is the most mentioned date in the Bible & Jesus even said to do Passover in remembrance of Him, why is that date ignored by the church?
    # Since Herod was the only one in the Bible celebrating Easter, and it has been shown to be a Pagan celebration of Ishtar(Astoroth), described in the old testament, it sometimes is a month away from Passover, Why does the church celebrate Pagan Easter?
    # December 25 has been celebrated as the birthday of Tammuz (Ezek 8) by Pagans.
    The Bible describes Christs birth while shepherds were in the fields(which they are not in Dec), and during the harvest tax time. If God wanted us to celebrate Christs birth wouldn’t He of given us a date, like for Christs death(Passover)?
    # In Ezekiel 8 God finishes His list of abominations with the most abominable, which is: SUN WORSHIP! Why has God’s Sabbath been forgotten when He specifically said to remember it? Why do we hold “worship” on the day of the sun, the opposite day of the week God said? If we search the Bible we find no place the Sabbath has been moved, if we search history we find the Sabbath being kept by all Christians until the council of Laodicea 300 years after Christ, where Sabbath keeping was outlawed over hatred of Jews. Bonus question: Did Jesus have any good thing to say about Laodicea, or their doctrine?

    For a great source of questions/with answers, read: Foxes book of Martyrs:


    • Christian Piatt

      Thanks for these. As with JR, I encourage you to visit the link in the post and share these questions on the list.

  • J. R. Rosen

    A new Banned Question: Why does everyone think that Jesus was poor?  

    Just because He asked the rich man to give-up everything?  Does that mean that Jesus has to be poor as well?  Remember who Jesus’ earth parents were: both descendants of King David.  Plus a couple of years after Jesus’ birth, the “Wise Men” came and gave Him gold, frankincense, and myrrh.  Does anyone really think they would embarrass themselves by bringing a mere pittance of those to shower upon the King of kings?If Jesus was so poor, why was Judas their treasurer?  To have a treasurer, you have to have a “treasure”!  Yes Judas was a thief, so for him to steal from them and have enough left over to take to give to the poor, there must have been more than enough!

    • Christian Piatt

      Thanks J R. I encourage you to hit the link to the list of questions thus far and add yours to it. This hasn’t been asked yet.

  • K Shimer

    This spring, Judson Press is publishing Exploring Prosperity Preaching: Biblical Health, Wealth and Wisdom by Debra Mumford. If you are looking for a contributor to address that topic in your upcoming book, we’d be happy to talk with you about it.

    Kim Shimer
    Marketing Director, Judson Press