Man Finds Jesus in His Tortilla

Man Finds Jesus in His Tortilla March 4, 2012

Here I am, urging people to deconstruct their preconceptions about God, and this guy finds Jesus in a tortilla.

Russ, my father-in-law, lives outside of Espanola, New Mexico. He can tell you from years of living there that the area is jumping with religious mysticism. One of the most famous sites in the state is the church at Chimayo, where people visit to touch the holy dirt and be healed. There are photos of people who claim to have been restored all over the place, along with crutches and canes left behind.

I’m not one to affirm or challenge that what people experience there is real. But I did find it interesting that the priests who serve the church simply bring in new dirt to fill the hole when they get low. Perhaps they bless it; I have no idea. But it’s interesting to me the power we inhere to certain items, acts or places. Is God more or less there than somewhere else? Is there something about the experience that opens us up to the already-present God? Is it an example of the uncharted power of the human mind?

In support of the notion that we see what we choose to see, there’s Jesus in a tortilla.

This time, anyway. He shows up in Wonder bread, tree bark and any number of other baked goods. I once saw a guy who had found a potato chip in the shape of Mary Magdalene.

How any of these folks actually know what Jesus or Mary look like is completely beyond me, but the stories make news.

CLICK HERE for a video news clip about the most recent Jesus-tortilla sighting.

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  • Do you know much about sacramentals, Christian? The dirt you’re describing appears to be functioning like a sacramental: a blessing or consecrated item that “prepares us to receive grace and dispose us to cooperate with it.” They “excite good thoughts” and “increase devotion”. For some, simply fingering the beads of a rosary or touching a Bible can bring comfort and peace. Using holy water brings our baptismal promises to mind. Lighting a votive candle focuses our thoughts on a particular petition or thanksgiving we want to bring to God.

    As for the tortilla, well, Jesus was clearly a supporter of breakfast (John 21:12 ), so I wouldn’t be surprised if he showed up in my cereal bowl. 😉

  • Looks like Charles Manson to me.

  • Regardless of how it gets accomplished on the exterior, if people really do experience a true healing — i’m a happy camper.  Personally, I believe that having Christ-mindedness heals the body and if some need a tortilla or special dirt to manifest that healing — i’m totally cool with it.  However, I also think it is often misleading if not outright fraud and abuse of those desperate for healing, at any cost — to claim special distinction to God’s grace, mercy, and healing with exclusivity of any kind.  Omnipresent does mean everywhere equally as far as I know.  So I think God could even use Texas dirt and achieve equally miraculous results.  Just saying…  😉   Nice piece, Christian.