Farewell, Chick Fil A

Farewell, Chick Fil A July 21, 2012

I’ve been a fan of Chick Fil A for a long time. Their food is always great, their service is impeccable (almost to the point of being a little creepy), and the restaurants are squeaky clean. It’s not every day that you can enjoy a fast food restaurant where you actually feel like you’re putting something reasonably good for you in your body.

Well, at least not as bad as some. But the point is, I have always liked them. And if I like them, my wife, Amy is practically a Chik Fil A disciple.

We’ve planned meals on the road around their locations. Sure, I’ve known they were a Christian-based organization with some values that leaned further right than mine, but I respected their business model and ethic. Plus, I’m used to having fellow Christians to my right.

And then I saw this video:


This makes me sad on two levels. For one, it always disappoints me when Christians come out in the public forum against an entire group of people. And though the LGBT community is the Christian right’s favorite social pinata, I had never read or heard anything in particular about Chick Fil A’s stance on traditional marriage. I had assumed – maybe because I wanted to – that they would know better than to put their personal theology and social values on display as a for-profit company.

But I was wrong.

The second sadness I have is more superficial and selfish, but I simply can’t bring myself to eat at a Chick Fil A again. At least until they take an equally public stance in favor of inclusion, equal rights and affirmation of the sanctity of love of all stripes.

I showed the video to Amy, and upon it’s conclusion, she slapped her hands together, as if wiping off a layer of dirt. “Well,” she said, “that’s that. No more Chick Fil A.”

I’ll miss your criss-cut fries most of all.

To read a follow-up piece see below:
Further Thoughts on Chick Fil A

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  • Imagine if they gave those millions to help feed the poor insead .

    • Dan

      it’s their money and they can donate too whom they want ….. do your own homework and do some real research about who they are are what they have donated too..

      • Ryan

        Just because they can donate to whomever they want doesn’t mean the rest of us are obligated to think it is a good idea.

    • Trume1969

      Interesting …. seems to me someone suggested such a thing before,  in John 12:1 – 7. It’s not a new concept…

  • The definition of marraige that he claims is biblical is very much a modern redefintion. In biblical times men had several wives and women were property.

    • Jag2fan

            but all of their wifes were women

    • sec

      The good old days! 

  • Brad Cathey

    So, let me get this right, you aren’t going to eat at Chick-fil-A because the CEO has a conservative opinion about marriage, which he has as much right to as any advocate of LGBT does to their opinion? Seriously? 

    Now, if Chick-fil-A was interviewing people at the door and only letting in people who believe as their CEO does, or discriminating against them as employees, then that’s another thing (and illegal). 

    What if you owned a restaurant and people boycotted you  because of your more liberal LGBT stance? You’d think they were silly. 

    I guess you’d never visit our Anglican church, because we hold a more conservative view of marriage than you do. How much you would miss.

    No, I’m not going to stop following you on Twitter, I’m more openminded than that.

    • Here’s the problem– it isn’t just that their COO has an opinion about gay marriage, it’s that the company gives millions to support anti-marriage equality organizations/legislation. 

      Irony: NOM wants say, Target to stay “neutral” in the culture wars but praises Chick-Fil-A in their decision to be anti-marriage equality. Hypocrisy, thy name is NOM. 

    • They’re welcome to believe what they want. But when they use revenue from their companies (ie, money I spent there) to support anti-Gay-rights organizations, I can’t, in good conscience, help support that.

      • Chuckles

        The video only said that they’ve given money to organizations that are anti-gay. That could be anybody. There are plenty of organizations out there whose focus is on other things, but would be considered “anti-gay” when asked. If Chick-fil-A was giving money to Westboro Baptist Church or similar organizations, I’d be all for boycotting them. But based on this video, I don’t have a problem eating at their restaurants.

        • Insert “anti-coloreds” (or any other racist phrase)… would you still feel that way? Why is this any different?

        • They give to SPLC-certified hate groups, who spend that money on slanderous defamation of gay people and working to take away their rights.

          The best documentation is probably by Jeremy Hooper of Good-As-You.


        • Babyblues19

          Why dont you look them up?  They are Winshape and the American Family Council or something to that effect groups that fight against gay marriage and equality and that try to remove the gay in misguided people thinking that is possible.  Hope you like all that because thats what those waffle fries and yummy sandwiches you buy pay for.

    • Rev. Amy Piatt

      I would come to your church. Well, I’m a pastor, so I work on Sundays, but if I could, I would come. But this isn’t church, this is capitalism. I can spend my money wherever I choose, and a restaurant that intentionally funds the anti-LGBT movement isn’t going to get anymore of my money to fund what I consider to be an anti-Christian campaign against my gay and lesbian sisters and brothers. I don’t hate them, but they will not receive my financial backing. 

      • Dan

        Isn’t it interseting too see that a Pastor of a church is boycotting a restaurant that shares a biblical point of view from the bible. What does it say about your church and his  churches that teach from a different point of view. I don’t believe Dan Cathy has ever said “I hate  a whole segment of a population” I think what he was saying was that he hates the SIN that is involved with being GAY. 

        • Kimos89

          So glad everyone can play God and decide what sin is?….I’m with the reverend…

        •  I guess it would just be a poor business decision for Cathy to make a stand on the biblical point in the Bible about … say … gluttony.  Or how about the commands to love the poor and help them?  There are so many choices about what to take a stand on and it’s terribly unfortunate that so many so-called Christians choose this.

          • Jrifefiction

            Did you notice that they (LGBT) conveniently pointed out the amounts going against their position but NOT how much did or didn’t help out the “poor” (for all those preaching about where a corporation’s profits should go).

        •  What is ‘sin’ and who gives anyone the right to speak for the Almighty?

          • Doesn’t the Bible say what sin is? I think he was simply espousing a biblical point of view. As for the Biblical view of marriage being different now, that’s an apples and oranges argument. From the creation account the first two things God established were work and marriage. One man marrying one woman was the intended plan. If you want to know what sin is look at any time the intended purpose of something is corrupted. Who’s intended purpose? Ah, there’s the rub!

      • Must be Episcopal? I grew up attending Episcopal parochial school. I gained an excellent primary education as well as an inoculation against the true Gospel message.

    • Brad, is it correct to assume that you think LGBT is a lifestyle choice?  That persons choose to be other-than-straight?

      •  absolutely it is a choice

        •  It’s not. I didn’t choose to be bisexual. Only choice is whether to accept who you are and how and when to express it. I’m a human being, FIRST!

  • Alecia

    I’m sorry. But you’ve taken his stance too far. He isn’t coming out against an “entire group of people” he’s taken a stance on his interpretation of biblical standards for marriage. He’s taken a stance on the definition of marriage. Isn’t that what companies like Starbucks and JCPenny’s and Target are doing? It’s the opposite end of the spectrum but its no different. Either extreme alienates a large percentage of the country. If other companies are allowed and encouraged to come out as “for” equality in marriage he has every right to come out as being “for” traditional” marriage. It’s never wise to take someone’s words out of context. 

    • Your comment confuses me… it sounds like you don’t think Christian should boycott Chick-Fil-A, but then say that it’s just the opposite of what Target and Starbucks have done, which also alienates people. Do you believe people shouldn’t boycott, no matter what they believe?

      And again, it’s not just that he has his opinions– it’s that his company actively gives their revenue to organizations, and in turn, legislation that is anti-marriage equality.

      • Alecia

        I believe we as a people can have a voice and choosing to purchase from a store may or may not make a difference. My hubby and I were just talking about this the other day when deciding how we felt about the whole Starbucks thing. Why do they feel the need to come out in support of equality in marriage? And what is my $4 latte going to go support? At the same time, they also support a lot of great causes. Pretty much any store or any company we would choose to shop at probably gives to a variety of organizations and charities that we never take the time to think about. My point was, that Chick-fil-A has as much right to their opinion and where they give their profits to as any other company does. Patrons have the right to then shop or not shop at those stores based on our knowledge of where their money is going. 

        As far as the “anti-marriage equality” I guess I just choose to look at it differently. I don’t think saying marriage should be between a man and a woman equates to “anti-gay.” This article along with countless others by countless other writers is taking too much liberty. We also don’t give people enough freedom and grace to just be in the process of figuring out this issue/lifestyle and putting it up against scripture in their own time and in their own way. I’ve been on the EXTREME right of this issue for many years and have recently been through some wonderful discussions and conversations with people who are very much on the left. If people are at a place where they believe something is a sin, no amount of telling them their “hateful” or “bigoted” is going to get them to go “Thanks. You’re right. I’m going to completely shift my point of view on this!” I’m always amazed that most of the supporters of LGBT are so quick to use hateful terms and name calling when it comes to discussion with people who are on the right. A whole culture of people who are aiming to get rights in the name of being able to LOVE whoever they want sure have a hard time showing people haven’t quite gotten there yet any love. This whole conversation, and this whole topic, needs more grace…from both sides. 

        • If people are at a place where they believe something is a sin, no amount of telling them their “hateful” or “bigoted” is going to get them to go “Thanks. You’re right. I’m going to completely shift my point of view on this!”

          I don’t care what your view is. I care that (a) you’re not trying to encode your bigotry into civil law, and (b) you’re not pissing on my carpet. Now, this isn’t my community. This blog is not one of my Internet hangouts. But if you come into one of my spaces and start spewing crap, I’ll not be very interested in changing your mind. I’ll be interested in getting you to leave. If calling you a bigot is effective, I’ll do it.

          This conversation is not about you and is not being conducted for your benefit. Whether or not you find the arguments persuasive and the style to your taste does not concern me.


          • Alecia

            I meant to say that those conversations I’ve been having have had an impact on me and have made me more moderate. Conversations where someone tells me I’m hateful because I quote a scripture are ineffective (for example). And in the case of this article, conversations where someone twists a companies stance on traditional marriage into that company being against that entire people group (which the owners have clearly said and shown through action that they are not against) also is ineffective. Conversations where people lovingly say, “I understand why you might think that, but have you thought about this…” are more effective. 

            I never once implied that I thought this conversation was about me so I’m not really sure what that dig was supposed to insinuate. But, again, this whole thing just needs more grace. If we all operated from a state of grace with people who differed from us we’d get much further in these discussions. 

          • And I’m not interested in playing nice with people who are trying to strip me of civil rights.

            And you don’t get to claim the label “nice” either.


          • Alecia

            And yet…you keep commenting. Looks like we’re “discussing.” Except, we’re not. Because all you’ve managed to do so far is be rude to me. So, that’s where the discussion ends. It’s unfortunate that so many of us haven’t figured out what works and what doesn’t. I’ve had my issues in debates surrounding this topic in the past. And one thing I’ve learned is that acting as tho I have all the answers is never going to win anyone over. And people doing that to me has never won me over. The only person who has ever gotten me to change my stance on this has been a very left person who approached me in a loving way and offered to have discussions with me. People who offered grace. If I (or you) truly believe you possess the truth then you win people over by kindness. By meeting them where they are at. Discussions stop short when people are rude, insensitive, and obnoxious. When they can’t actually make points so they resort to taking digs and being hurtful. And that is unfortunate. Because the discussion needs to happen. 

          • Alecia

            And yet…you keep commenting. Looks like we’re “discussing.” Except, we’re not. Because all you’ve managed to do so far is be rude to me. So, that’s where the discussion ends. It’s unfortunate that so many of us haven’t figured out what works and what doesn’t. I’ve had my issues in debates surrounding this topic in the past. And one thing I’ve learned is that acting as tho I have all the answers is never going to win anyone over. And people doing that to me has never won me over. The only person who has ever gotten me to change my stance on this has been a very left person who approached me in a loving way and offered to have discussions with me. People who offered grace. If I (or you) truly believe you possess the truth then you win people over by kindness. By meeting them where they are at. Discussions stop short when people are rude, insensitive, and obnoxious. When they can’t actually make points so they resort to taking digs and being hurtful. And that is unfortunate. Because the discussion needs to happen. 

          • Babyblues19

            Let me try this with some “grace” the way you put it…..darling I am sure you mean well but you have never had to think hmmm when I meet the person I love and want to marry what state or country must I travel to for it to be legal….or is it safe to hold his/her hand here…or will the hospital let me see him/her if we are “committed” after he/she is in an accident or if we adopt a baby oh wait can we adopt a baby in this state? etc etc you’ve never had to think/live like that have you?  So what he is trying to say is that this is about our LIVES….not just a spirited debate about a concept of “freedom” or “rights” in the abstract….so hopefully that will maybe enlighten you if you think about it applying to your own life but i will engage a debate with you because everyone is important and everyone counts and no ill will was meant by what i say just trying to enlighten you on the perspective of other people’s lives 🙂

          • Alecia

            I get that and I cannot even imagine. Youre right. I haven’t had to live that.

            But no one deserves to be attacked. And I was attacked. That’s how I perceive it anyway. And my point to responding to Trigs harshness was just to say that we all need to be more willing to meet people where they are at. Change is hard for people. Understanding and accepting something that is foreign to us takes time. And the understanding and accepting comes that much harder and takes that much longer when we are met with name calling and rudeness. I understand the frustration and hurt. But to take it out on people because they believe different than you or haven’t arrived at the point you are at yet is futile. If we are all going to get on the same page it is going to take patience and kindness. I know…easier said than done. But, I appreciate your approach. That’s what keeps discussions moving and motivates people to see other’s point of view.

          •  Then you are the type of person I can deal with. Over-emotionalism on both sides is counter-productive. I understand the anger and frustration from the LGBT community. I use my anger and frustration and channel it into fighting against groups which want me to live as a second class citizen. I dont care what your religion is; you have no right to tell me how I should live and create laws based on that. You would NOT like it if I wanted to force Asatru on you, would you?

  • The Subversive Hippie

    As a Christian, I never think it’s ok for Christians to go above and beyond the norm to legislate away free will. A marriage controlled by the government through licensing and with financial benefits guaranteed by said government doesn’t fit a traditional nor Biblical definition of marriage. If LGBT are granted the right to legally marry, it will not lessen the marriages of straight couples.

  • TruMe

    If Dan Cathy had been bashing LGBT groups, and been hateful, I would say there’s something to your blog post. As it stands, he was not unkind, hateful or anything. He said where he stands, where the company leadership stands and shared his heart. Why is it only ok for one side to be so honest? 

    I will be eating at Chik Fil A every chance I get, going forward. In the same way that I continue to drink Starbucks even though they take the opposite stand. When will freedom of speech and expression not be so warped and one-sided? Not every biblical stand is bigotry or hate–even if I don’t agree with the person taking the more conservative view. 

    • Babyblues19

      Of course he doesnt say anything mean…he gives millions to groups to do that for him…why should his hands get dirty he is rich…and a bigot…

      •  liar

        • Rolin

          Liar? That’s your argument? Try to do some research.

  • What happened to the right of opinion?  Or, have we lost that right also!  I have LOTS of opinions that I do not make a fuss about!  One of them is knee-jerk jerks!  It seems we have a lot of OVER sensitive blow hards that have no purpose in life but scream at the rain and boogers hidden in the shadows!

    • What did happen to the right of opinion? Who anywhere has said that he doesn’t have a right to his opinion? You’re making things up.


      • Donalbain

        When you criticise a bigot for their opinion, you are taking away their rights.

  • Dan

    Good bye Christian Piatt at least I do not have too wait in line behind you. But your stance on this is way off base. a private family owned christian business has never waivered before and hopefully not after Dan Cathy response. Its pretty much posted on the walls in the restaurant of who they are and what they stand for. Your msguided attack against Chick-fil A is a natural response.
    Have you ever wondered why, just maybe why his restaurants dominate others around them in sales, customer service, cleanliness, quality orers filled correctly and in profits. By the way the  company is debt free.

  • RT

    Maybe you missed the irony of your own stance on this issue.
    You stated, “For one, it always disappoints me when Christians come out in the
    public forum against an entire group of people.”

    However based on you statements, it is ok come out in the
    public forum against the entire group of people who believe that marriage
    should be between a man and a woman.

    Does Chick Fil A have a policy against serving some who is
    gay or gay couples? No, they do not.

    Oh one more thing, I am also in favor of inclusion, equal
    rights, and affirmation of the sanctity of love of all stripes, including those
    who I disagree with on this issue.

    • They’re welcome to believe what they will. I choose not to fund their support of groups like Exodus International and Family Research Council. they are exercising their rights to do this with their money; I’m exercising my right to do what I choose with mine. I’m still not sure why so many folks see this as more complex than that.

      • dt344

        The irony of the concept of tolerance is that it is difficult to be tolerant of intolerant people.  I prefer a 1st Amendment approach which would argue that gay marriage is protected by Freedom of Religion and Separation of Church & State.  Look at the case in California Prop 8.  The defense was unable to establish a non-religious reason for gay marriage to be illegal.  Since those wishing to be married can do so within the religious perspective which allows them to do so, the state should have no say if the only reason is to make people from another religious perspective feel more comfortable.  The framers of the Consitution set the stage for appropriate decisions on this issue.  It was a reletaively recent Republican-dominated Congress and Bill Clinton who took away what should be an individual freedom.

        • It is tricky, but I think I solved it. If you value tolerance on a worldwide level, then being intolerant of the intolerant raises overall tolerance.

      •  Agreed!

  • Melody

    Kudos, Christian. I haven’t yet decided whether I will boycott them, but all the insecure whiners judging you for this need to knock it off. It’s curious that “Chuckles” (and others making dickish comments here) haven’t said how they would respond if he had made a racist stand. Keep standing up for the oppressed. Don’t let the privileged commenters get you down.

    • Chuckles

      Sorry you found my comment to be “dickish”. My point wasn’t to be an asshole about this or anything. I’m honestly very much in favor of equality in marriage and support the rights of the LGBT community. My point was that the video posted never once mentions which “anti-gay” organizations Chick-fil-A donates to. There are a great many charitable organizations whose focus is on other things (feeding the hungry, healing the sick, etc.) who would probably be identified as “anti-gay” by the LGBT community. I’d really like to see a breakdown on which organizations they’re talking about. As it stands, this video isn’t enough for me to boycott Chick-fil-A (not that I eat there that often anyway). There just aren’t enough details, even with the quotes from the COO. I want names of which organizations they have financially supported, and why they are considered “anti-gay”.

      And in answer to your question about what if it were a racist stand they were making… if Chick-fil-A were actively barring people from their restaurants, or blocking them from being employed due to the color of their skin (or their sexual orientation for that matter), or if they were funneling money to the KKK, then I’d be all for boycotting them. I don’t see them doing this, and until I do I won’t be joining any kind of boycott.

      Boycotts are silly and don’t work anyway, but that’s a whole other discussion.

  • Guest

    I don’t see how this is surprising. Chick-fil-a has always been a Christian organization and has always given money to Christian groups. This is no different.

    • Kimos89

      Because christian doesn’t mean anit LGBT…Many
      churches welcome same sex couples….guess I’m tired that Christian means Anit-LGBT…

    • mirele

      No, Chick-fil-A is a business first and a Christian organization somewhere after that. When you buy food at Chick-fil-A, you’re patronizing a business, not giving money to a 501(c)3. 

      Dan Cathy can give money to whomever he pleases, and, at present, deduct that money from Chick-fil-A’s tax bottom line, but there are consequences to his donations. CfA has been been criticized for years for its funding of anti-gay groups; it’s only because this deal with the Jim Henson Company has fallen apart that it’s now an issue.

      Dan Cathy now has to live with his choices. I suspect that CfA may get a slight bump in revenue from people buying in support, but as GLBT rights progress (and, as much as you might hate it), continuing to fund organizations that preach intolerance and push bogus science (e.g., “reparative therapy”) is going to be a drag on CfA’s bottom line. However, since CfA is privately-held, a lot of the discussion going on will take place outside the public eye.

      Eventually CfA will decide that funding anti-GLBT organizations is bad for business and move their donations over to more respectable Christian organizations and away from culture war hot buttons.

  • Dan

    I  thought that the government should stay out of the chuch, but when Jim Wallace starts preaching too BHO about social justice and how we need to infiltrare the churhes, this becomes a sippery slope that will take generations too overome. It takes a man of faith to step out of the easy way out and support his belief- his followers will support his restaurant to the end. 
    Eventually some followers of these so called social justice churches will go hungary for some real food that will last a life time, instead of a 1 or 2 year feeding frenzy. The appetite of the flock will hunger for and these churches will be left asking themselves why do we keep losing our membership-what are we lacking?
    I believe the lacking is of bold principles, Moral values, Core values it does not mean that you don’t love one another- but too give in to political correctness will end up in disaster, just look at the world in a snap shot. Columbine , Fort Hood, Aurora, Casey Anthony, OJ, the list goes on and on. But do you know in 1 week there is an event going on in Dallas, TX and Code Pink and Westboro Baptist Church are going too boycott the event-the event is to raise money, food, clothing etc. and Restoring Love to a nation….-the Media will cover the protest outside, instead of what is hapening on the inside of American Airline Arena. The ones who do the boycotting are the ones who get the most media attention-kind of backwards…

  • Swestdover

    I was first “alerted” to Chick-Fi-A’s “stance” by a high school classmate of mine who is gay.  When we went to high school in the late ’70s”..no one used the word “gay”.  He’s not a  close friend, as a matter of fact,  I haven’t seen him since June, 1979; but I will NEVER eat at Chick-Fil-A again until they start ACTING like a TRULY “Christian” organization…where ALL are welcome

    • Crf527

      All are welcome. They do not refuse to serve gay people. They just took a stand for what they believe in… which contrary to some that claim the name reverend, is the BIBLICAL stance on marriage.

      • mirele

        No, but some percentage of the money you spend at the cash register eventually filters its way to these anti-gay hate groups. I don’t want my money going there and won’t eat at Chick-fil-A. It’s too bad so-called “Christians” have no problem with patronizing bigoted organizations.

      •  Do you support heterosexual polygamy, because that is a biblical marriage as well.

  • DCFem

    What continues to mystify me is why criticism hasn’t pierced the bubble in which rich guys like this live. Yes, he is entitled to his opinion but why be surprised when people disagree or threaten to boycott? Expect blowback when you denigrate an entire group of people. If you know anything of history you shouldn’t be surprised when people get angry about bigotry.

  • Melody

    Thanks for clarifying, Chuckles. Mea culpa. You have every right to continue giving business to Chick-Fil-A, just as Christian has every right to discontinue his. My beef with some of the comments here is that they’re judging him for a personal decision. He’s not inciting some hateful, anti-Christian rebellion; he is acting on his convictions based on his respect for human rights. Like I said, I myself have not decided whether I will continue giving them my business. I don’t judge one way or another. But those (not you, obviously) saying he shouldn’t protest because their stance is “clearly” in the Bible need to stop. Thanks for your support of our LGBT brothers and sisters.

    (Sorry, Disqus won’t let me reply on Android.)

  • I could not care less what values one does or doesn’t ascribe to so long as they don’t support genocide or eugenics I will purchase their products.  Seems like everyone has to have a progressive mindset these days or it’s war.  We talk of freedom but when someone uses that freedom and it is used in a way that doesn’t appeal to us we judge them for that.  Me personally I could not care less about religion but some people feel it enriches their lives so more power to them.  I don’t see any reason why people should change their beliefs to fit the audience they are before.  That in my opinion is cowardly and more often than not a maneuver normally reserved for politicians.  I commend him for speaking his truth and not cowering down.  Personally I am not sure how sexual orientation is relevant to a chicken joint or how religion is relevant as well but it wasn’t my interview so it is what it is.

    • TruMe

      My favourite words of wisdom so far: “….
      Seems like everyone has to have a progressive mindset these days or it’s war.  We talk of freedom but when someone uses that freedom and it is used in a way that doesn’t appeal to us we judge them for that.  ….I don’t see any reason why people should change their beliefs to fit the audience they are before.  That in my opinion is cowardly and more often than not a maneuver normally reserved for politicians. “And I’m one of those people who finds religion (or, I prefer ‘Jesus’) enriches my life. While we’re worlds apart there, we couldn’t be on more common ground in what you write!

  • Marie

    I feel like if you’re going to oppose chickfila for being for only traditional marriage, and not eat it, there are many other things you should look into as well. I can assume it’s not the only company that you buy/eat food from that has the same opinion. 

    • mirele

      What traditional marriage? Traditional marriage in the Bible had women in the same legal position as slaves. And a man could marry more than one woman or sleep with concubines. These were ALL traditional marriages in the Bible, practiced by worthies such as Abraham, Jacob, David and Solomon. Modern marriage doesn’t bear a whole lot of resemblance to alleged traditional marriage.

  • Fly_er

    It’s a shame  that the personal beliefs or even, in this case, the beliefs that define a business model(closed on Sunday, no swearing at work, etc..)  are the reason why you’d deny yourself a good meal. You talk about “inclusion”, but it sounds that you mean inclusion as long as the beliefs of other align with yours. I don’t have a dog in this fight and don’t care either way what this guy thinks about gay marriage. I do like the sandwiches and nuggets though and the beliefs of one man isn’t going to change that! Plus, I seriously doubt he’s ever made me a sandwich, so I won’t have to worry about a gay marriage basher making my food! 🙂 I’ve seen other companies with the opposite message (Target, Starbucks), but I don’t let the message of the leadership change what I want or how I eat or shop. I could care less about these messages that everyone seems to have, and I’ve only seen the Christians attacked for this BTW. Reply to this however you want. I won’t see it because I’m moving on. So you can shred me all you want. I’ve got to get some rest because after work tomorrow I have to swing by Target for some shades, and I grabbing some Chik-fil-a after because all this talk about them has really got me craving those nuggets!

  • Karen

    Good Bye Chick Fil A, I have been a 3 to 10 times a month Sandy Utah and Atlanta airport customer! But I can not ever spend money at a company with such a small and closed mind.  

  • Hi Christian, as a supporter of marriage equality, I appreciate your choice, but I’m somewhat baffled why Chick-Fil-A is picked out here, when its position doesn’t seem to differ much from that of Sojourners, where I first found this post and so many of your interesting articles. 

  • jmann521

    im not sure he was coming out against a group of people as much as he was coming out against sin. In which case i applaud him for upholding the Biblical Worldview.


    •  I dont believe in your worldview. My religion says there is no sin. People choose between good and order or evil and chaos. Your actions have no affect on the Creator of the Universe. Your actions affect you and the people around you. They are the one you have to apologise and make amends to. My religion doesn’t believe in salvation; we believe in taking personal responsibility for your own actions. No one can die for your ‘sins’; there is justice and you cant avoid it.

      Now after saying all that, I, as an Asatruar, would defend your right to practice your religion as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others. We all have to learn to live on this rock, full stop. Over-emotionalism and intolerance on both side hinders progress.

      • Frank

        At least you admit its your own made up religion you follow. 

        •  As opposed to logical, rooted-in-facts Christianity?

  • Barner_alicia

    Just because they have certain views on certain issues does not mean that I am gonna quit eating there. What if McDonald’s or any of the major restaurants or grocery stores followed suit? Would you wash your hands of them as well? A person’s or company’s view should not be the deciding factor on dining there. The food will always be good!

  • Tony

    You’re reading too much into what he ‘said’. Remember that the news types will milk everything they can for every bit of controversy they can.

    He’s not saying what you think he’s saying. Just watch it again with a neutral mindset and see if it sounds any different!

  • Polaris Silvertree

    So I have a question for Christian (the blogger) and your wife Amy?  What’s your definition of uneducated and narrow-minded?  No offense, but I am sorta seeing it in your blog.  But I definitely give you props for transparency (which I really appreciate). 

    Look, I think the sort of reaction to the Chik-Fil-A CEO’s statements is way
    overblown and the media (with its own agenda) has sensationalized it
    beyond the actual statement.  If he supports a Biblical view of family —
    what is so wrong with that?  Isn’t that his perogative?  If you think about it, all that’s resulted from this is an over-reaction by the LGBT community that has indirectly alienated
    themselves with others, an indirect polarizing of families with children who happen to support either or both sides, and a lot of revenue generated from the media coverage.  The sad story is that there is clearly an ignorance and an oversimplification of who/what is
    Lesbian/Gay and also who/what is a Christian. And if I didn’t know either – it sounds more like the LBGT’s agenda is pretty darn spiteful, plain hostile, militant, and discriminatory against anyone who is not getting up and cheering for their cause.  Amazing how we can be so incredibly intolerant in the name of tolerance.  People lets calm down and regain perspective (and stop playing into the media’s frenzy trap).  Certainly this has nothing to do with politics either (although I am sure people want it to) — so the Christian Right stuff is pretty silly to try and implicate.  I’m not going to boycott Chick-Fil-A on account of a bunch of puppets who don’t understand anything about the “Biblical view” of marriage.  😉

    • It’s not just this interview– it’s that he and his company actively donate to organizations that are anti-marriage equality. If you were LGBTQ, i doubt you’d spend your money in a place that will give part of that money to groups who tell others that you’re an evil pedophile. And i doubt you’d want your friends and family to do so, either. So, i don’t feel like our reaction is overblown. 

      • Polaris Silvertree

         And maybe that’s where I deviate from most.  I’m a purist — and this media bonfire/witch hunt was started by statements – not by actions.  The REACTION to those statements were NOT because of the actions you stated.  That’s my problem (referring to the mayors, the Muppets, silly articles like this that are designed to galvanize and grow animosity IMHO against the Chick-Fil-A business).  Its gotten bad enough that even the ACLU is defending Chick-Fil-A.  At some point people got to stop and think about it a bit from a big picture standpoint.  And people are mixing up meanings and statements and causing all sorts of confusion.  For instance, what does anti-gay really mean?  And does that mean hate?  What is considered hate?  Well, lets talk about the organizations Chick-Fil-A apparently supports.  How are they any different from organizations that are looking to push the LGBT agenda (including marriage equality)?  Are they considered hateful to Christians?  I doubt you would find anyone claiming that… To me both sides are using their political “weapons” to further their agendas which happen to be linked to core aspects of each sides mindset and belief systems.  Outside of that — there isn’t anything different.  And if you frame it that way, you could argue the hate is more vicious against Christians than LGBT right now. 

        Just sayin… 

  • Amber

    I will be buying a sandwich for every post I read against Chick-Fil-A or Dan Cathy and give them away to those that are hungry making sure the people who receive them know it comes from Chick-Fil-A. (Its adding up but between myself and my friends we can afford it all.)
    Keep up the great work Dan and Chick-Fil-A!

    • i’m sorry, why do you feel the need to do this?

      i do wonder what your response would be were you to approach someone who happens to be LGBTQ and they refuse the sandwich?

      • Amber

        Because Dan Cathy spoke the truth and I am appalled at all the vitriol and lies being spouted. I want to make sure that he knows he has a majority of support. 

        If someone does not want the free sandwich I will find someone else who does.

        • Huh. Truth like… we invite God’s judgment over our acceptance of homosexuality (read: non-heterosexuality)? And vitriol and lies like… he and his company donate to hate groups like the FRC? 

          • Amber

            I see nothing hateful about the groups he donates to. They deserve more of our support and will get it. 

          • You might want to know you’re speaking to a lesbian. And if you want to talk about “vitriol and lies”, we should start with the groups Cathy and his company donate to– such as the Family Research Council, which utilizes bogus research to defame the LGBTQ community. If you (read: universal you) must lie or twist facts to further your cause, you’ve lost both your credibility and your cause. 

          • Amber

            Everything I can see from their site and their statements sounds spot on to me. I think you need to stop drinking the koolaid.

            Your sexual choices are your own but whenever someone chooses to reject Gods design its a tragedy.

          • …but the APA (and other such liberal organizations!) has a delicious flavor of koolaid!

            FRC is a hate group, per the Southern Poverty Law Center. They utilize false claims and bogus research to defame the LGBTQ community. Just one example is this quote: 

            “One of the primary goals of the homosexual rights movement is to abolish all age of consent laws and to eventually recognize pedophiles as the ‘prophets’ of a new sexual order.”
            -1999 FRC pamphlet, Homosexual Activists Work to Normalize Sex with Boys. 

            We, as the LGBTQ community, have no such agenda– as if there is any agenda at all, other than basic human rights such as marriage equality, protections from discrimination in employment, housing, medical decisions, etc. 

            And for the record, i said nothing about my “sexual choices”– i said that i am a lesbian. Orientation is not a choice and it differs from behavior. i choose to be celibate, i do not choose to be attracted to women. 

          • Amber

            Who cares what the 
            Southern Poverty Law Center says! Why do they have credibility. I see nothing wrong with those organizations. In fact we need more of them willing to fight the good fight.

            I am all for equal under the law. Civil unions which have the same tax and legal benefits is something I would support but it will never be a marriage.I stand corrected about your sexuality and kudos for making the only Godly choice.

  • Greg

    It really wasn’t until 2000 American Heritage Dictionary and Oxford Dictionary changed, 2003 for Webster, and  2004 for Black’s Law Dictionary changed their definition of marriage according to slate.com

  • Debishopmsp

    Let’s keep it simple by keeping marriage as a civil right involving civil documents. Any church can do any wedding they want, or deny any wedding they want. The happy couple goes to the courthouse, picks up the marriage license, agrees to a few questions on the form in the presence of a notary public, signs the form, and they are married. Then, if they so desire, they go skipping off to church for a big wedding ceremony and church blessing. Hip, hip, hooray!

    The individual church gets to approve or deny according to their own personal belief system. There is no coercion, no one forced to accept anything they don’t want to. Even now a marriage license has nothing to do with a church. No state has codified any parameters for a wedding ceremony. The important thing is that the documents are completed correctly. In fact, the church is irrelevant, unless the happy couple wants to give it a part. Let’s not change that.

    At the present time, no church can be compelled to participate in any marriage of any type. If two drunken slobs, woman and man, show up on the church step on a Sunday morning (Or any day for that matter.) demanding to be married there in front of the altar, the church can tell them to get lost. (There are lots of urban legends about churches forced to do weddings by a court. Keep reading, and you’ll see that the church won on appeal.)

    The big problem I see is that certain churches and religious, or irreligious want to force the entire nation to adopt their particular theology involving marriage. Even though they may declare their theology “real” Christianity, or “traditional, God’s will,” etc., it’s still that church’s particular theology. Clearly there is a lot of variation.

    One of the things I don’t see in the bible is that any one individual is responsible for another’s sin. To me that says that even if happy lesbian/gay couples are getting married left and right all around you, and you are absolutely convinced they are sinning machines! – It’s not catching.

    Perhaps some of you believe that if you don’t force the rest of the nation to abide by your beliefs, however hallowed you may be certain they are, you will fry in hell? Gee. Don’t think I can help you with that. That’s an awfully nasty god you’ve got there.

    (Oh yeah, one thing that doesn’t seem to be disputed here is that there is one particular group trying to force another one to live according to the first’s groups religious tenets. That’s never really worked very well. [Spanish Inquisition, Crusades, etc.])

  • Kardiiac

    It disappoints me as well when I see people who support the idea of people being treated fairly but don’t do it themselves. The CEO is a man and entitled to his own personal beliefs. Some may disagree with his beliefs but I don’t understand why people can’t just accept those who have different beliefs from their own.

  • Royston hall

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