25 Christian Blogs You Should Be Reading (Readers’ Choice, 2013)

25 Christian Blogs You Should Be Reading (Readers’ Choice, 2013) August 27, 2013

(Check out my Editor’s Picks for 25 Christian Blogs You Should Read HERE)

After more than 33,000 hits, 400 nominations and thousands of votes, we have the Reader’s Choice list of 25 Christian Blogs You Should Be reading. I was particularly pleased to see so many women represented in the list this year. Could be much more culturally diverse, but with respect to gender and theological views, it does cover quite a bit of ground.

Though folks continued to vote and nominate well after voting was closed, this was the official list of the 25 most favored by the voting public as of Sunday evening, August 25th, 2013 at 9PM Pacific time.

Yes, there are many worthy blogs that did not make this list, and yes, there are a good number of surprises and newcomers. My hope is that this will serve as a resource for those seeking to expand their experience of faith-related thought and conversation, and that all who stumble across it will concede that this is only a sampling of the fantastic working being done in the blogosphere every day in the name of the Christian faith.

Stay tuned for my “Editor’s Picks” of blogs you should be reading, later this week.


  1. The God Article – Progressive Christian Blog, hosted by the Rev. Mark Sandlin. Mark writes on matters of theology, current events, social justice and politics, all from a conversational, progressive Christian perspective.

  2. Rachel Held Evans – Rachel is a widely known author and blogger who speaks to issues of gender identity and roles in the church and who acts as a bridge between mainline/progressive and evangelical Christians.

  3. Jamie the Very Worst Missionary – A plainspoken blogger, Jamie Wright is brutally honest about her imperfections, and equally passionate about spreading the gospel.

  4. Nadia Bolz Weber – Known as the Sarcastic Lutheran, Nadia is a fresh voice that blends traditional Lutheran sensibilities with a funny, irreverent take on how to put our faith into action in a rapidly changing world.

  5. John Shore – John claims to have been “trying God’s patience since 1958.” He’s passionate about matters of social justice, and helping point out what he believes needs to change about present-day Christianity.

  6. Mercy Not Sacrifice– The blog of Morgan Guyton, a United Methodist pastor and co-founder of the Despised Ones blogger collective. Morgan likes to geek it out over Christian anarchism, crucifying his white male privilege, ascetic mystical encounters, and cool words in Greek and Hebrew.

  7. Sarah Bessey – Sarah writes about her own faith and spirituality, about what love, mothering, ecclesiology, theology, women’s issues, social justice and “pretty much everything else that you are not supposed to discuss in polite company.”

  8. Sparks from the Soul – Maggie Johnson is passionate about bringing hope and freedom to the many forms of oppression: women who have been told that theology is masculine and therefore not for them, those who have been or are being abused, the one who is bitter because the church hurt them deeply.

  9. Red Letter Christians – An ensemble effort of bloggers, along with Tony Campolo, taking Jesus seriously by endeavoring to live out His radical, counter-cultural teachings as set forth in Scripture, and especially embracing the lifestyle prescribed in the Sermon on the Mount.

  10. Redemption Pictures – Micah Murray shares his evolving journey from a God of judgment to one of abundant grace and love. He believes life is a movie, and God is the director.

  11. Sojourners – An ensemble of bloggers writing alongside founder Jim Wallis about matters of social justice, faith in the public square and effective engagement with politics.

  12. The American Jesus – Zack Hunt’s satirical take on how we in America tend to remake Jesus in our own image. This blog is dedicated to all the silly, absurd, serious, crazy, depressing, hopeful, tragic, and strange things that make up the peculiar phenomenon of American Christianity.

  13. Jayson Bradley – Jayson is both drawn to the Gospel and repelled by the way it’s been co-opted and misrepresented to cultures that desperately need it. It’s because of this dissonance that he writes the things that I do, while also readily admitting he’s guilty of many of the very things he critiques.

  14. Peter Enns – Peter is interested in helping people rethink biblical Christianity. He is a biblical scholar, interested in helping people more meaningfully engage the Bible and how ancient Scripture intersects with modern thought.

  15. Krista Dalton – Krista is a self-identified Christian heretic, immersed in the study of Jewish history. She reviews books, shares personal reflections, and writes on her experience of both Judaism and Christianity.

  16. Homebrewed Christianity – Since 2008, Homebrewed Christianity has been bringing you the best nerdy audiological ingredients so you can brew your own faith.  You will find conversations between friends, theologians, philosophers, and scholars of all stripes.

  17. Unfundamentalist Christians – an ensemble blog effort, founded by John Shore, committed to challenging Christendom in America while promoting a progressive – yet explicitly Christ-centered – expression of faith in today’s world.

  18. Formerly Fundie – Former Christian right advocate Benjamin Corey shares insights, hopes and laments about American Christianity and culture. He writes of his break with fundamentalist religion and his awakening into a different kind of Christianity.

  19. A Deeper Story– an ensemble of Christian writers who believe that it’s easy to tell someone your opinion, but hard work telling them your story. This place, where stories about issues close to the heart of God are shared, asks the question: what if we could toss aside the brutal blunt force of our cemented opinion and engage the senses instead by painting pictures with words and igniting imagination?

  20. Theoblogy – Tony Jones poses challenging questions about theology and Biblical interpretation, while also challenging socially-held norms about what it means to be a follower of Jesus. Jones is a theologian and practitioner who is not afraid to venture where many other bloggers don’t dare tread.

  21. Experimental Theology – author and blogger Richard Beck writes primarily on the interface of Christian theology and psychology, with a particular focus on how existential issues affect Christian belief and practice.

  22. Jonathan Martin –  Martin leads the liars, dreamers, and misfits of Renovatus: A Church for People Under Renovation, in Charlotte, NC. He’s a product of the “Christ-haunted landscape” of the American South, sweaty revivals, and hip-hop. He writes about about the beauty of God, being one of God’s beloved, and about finding new ways to be human.

  23. Jesus Creed – Author and blogger Scot McKnight writes mainly on the New Testament, early Christianity and the historical Jesus. He shares sermons, lectures and blog posts about the intersection of science and faith and the integration of spiritual practices into daily life.

  24. Christena Cleveland – Christena’s passion is to help the body of Christ find the power of unity. Using social psychological insights, biblical principles and practical applications, she equips people – from head to heart to hands – to do the work of unity and reconciliation.

  25. ReKnew – Author and blogger Greg Boyd invites believers and skeptics alike to ask tough questions and consider a renewed picture of God. ReKnew believes it’s time to thoroughly re-think the Christian faith—especially our picture of God and our understanding of his kingdom.

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  • RT

    Check out “The Pangea Blog”.

  • GramGram

    Sorry that the Christian Left is not here…

    • Mark Knox

      Really? To me it appears the Christian Left is well represented; and I’m a member of the Christian Left.

    • Chris James

      It seems that no orthodox believers are represented in this travesty. What a joke.

      • … have you ever read a *Tweet* by Jonathan Martin? Seriously?

  • “Could be much more culturally diverse…” <— Quite the understatement. I respect each blogger on this list, but the lack of cultural and racial diversity is telling and problematic.

    • Mamina

      This melting pot of our country can make those that are culturally diverse appear not to be so. Case in point, Maggie Johnson. You would never guess by her name or her physical features that her mother’s maiden name is Lum. Much of her perspective comes from watching her biracial mother grow up in the South in the 60’s where Chinese were a silent but very present minority. What is telling & problematic is the fact that there is diversity here but is seen as lacking. I am proud of my daughter and the positive & negative aspects of our Southern Chinese culture & heritage that molded her into the woman & writer she is today. Gna oi nay, Bebe!!!

      • I appreciate you letting me know about Maggie Johnson. My husband is Chinese-American, so I am particularly interested in checking out her blog. However, my point still stands. The list is still lacking in the cultural and racial diversity that is reflected in the body of Christ.

        • Mamina

          I see what you are saying. I look forward to singing alto in heaven. I imagine it will resemble one of my favorite choirs, Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. What praise for our King!

          • Mamina

            I appreciate your own blog, “I am listening”. Thank you for those words.

        • Ravenwood

          Wow! Ni jen ai shijie shang suoyoude ren!

        • DanlBoone

          the social gospel so called,
          is some other gospel.

    • Chris James

      Really? Who gives a rip about skin deep differences, this is Jesus Christ, the Lord of the universe who demands our devotion and deserves it, not some race hack! Yuck.

      • …says the white guy of his white Jesus.

        • Colleen Foughty Wick

          Jesus was a Jew as I am and therefore not white as you say. However, Moses married an Ethopian women and his sister got leprosy from complaining about his marriage. God made all of us equal and loves us all. That is the point and his death and resurrection will save believers who repent from their sins along with continual repentance.

        • DanlBoone

          what is the gospel?

          can you answer?

          I doubt it.

      • Sir, I feel sorry for you that this is how you choose to represent yourself.

      • DanlBoone

        good point–these poseurs posture as if to be noble and true with regard to the gospel–the social gospel, that is..

        not the true gospel–they pose some other Jesus..some political activist.. not the real Christ.

    • Christian Piatt

      one reason I’m doing my own “Editor’s Picks” list.

    • Ravenwood

      Wo shih Jung-gwo ren. Ni ne?

    • DanlBoone

      what is the gospel?

      do you know? I doubt that you do.

  • Suzanne

    Any Catholics on this list?

  • steve


    If you are a Christian and only sin on special occasions will you be exempt from not inheriting the kingdom of God?

    Is it Scripturally correct to claim you are not guilty of sin because you only sin on special occasions like birthdays, holidays, and a few randomly selected days?

    Can I assert I am not a thief, because I do not steal on a regular bases?

    Can men say they are not a drunkards, because they only get drunk on special occasions?

    Can men assume they are not fornicators, because they only have sex with people who they are not married to, on rare occasions?

    Can men assert that they not homosexuals, because they have sex with the same sex infrequently?

    Can men proclaim they are not murderers, because they only murder a few times a year?

    1 Corinthians 6:9-11 Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, 10 nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God. 11 Such were some of you; but you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God.

    The apostle Paul did not say, “Such were some of you, however, now you are special occasion sinners that can continue your sins on a somewhat limited schedule.”

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  • jtheory

    I see 25 people who speak often for those of the racial, and cultural “other” that are often not heard yet, and while i feel the pain of some who have said “it’s not diverse enough.” i have hope. If we continue to listen to these maybe in time we will come to listen to the “other” more, and eventually this list will BE more diverse. I see the people on here as progress.

    • Ravenwood

      I know! Let’s play who’s more culturally competent!

  • David Hess

    shocked that theologian Roger Olson’s blog isn’t on this list!

  • I’m really kind of surprised to see Theoblogy on this list.

  • Greg Hillis

    Great list but the theological diversity mentioned above doesn’t include Roman Catholic or Eastern Christian blogs. Why not?

    • Joe

      What people who champion “diversity” usually mean is they want to include all views within a narrow predefined set of parameters…not all views. It would appear, in this case, that diversity of viewpoints isnt the goal…diversity in the color and sex of the persons presenting the viewpoints is the real goal. Ergo you have people applauding the incredibly narrow list of viewpoints presented here as “diverse” since female blogs outnumber male blogs. The kind of diversity you are espousing (actual real diversity) isnt valued here. Just a diverse group of people sharing the same narrow viewpoint.

  • peganmber

    In any fight, you may be facing now, or in the future you are not alone. As a matter of fact, God is always with you.Because of his love for us, God is always with us, especially in difficult circumstances. Therefore, if you ever face a battle do not worry. He is a master warrior.


  • Olgerdas
  • Jenni ho-Huan

    The world needs a more global voice… I live in Asia & when I googled top Asian blogs, I got your list! Mind u, many major metropolises in Asia are burgeoning with the use of technology… Pray for us. Pray for me, as I write- an Asian woman asking big Qs! Thank you.

  • 21stcenturyconfusion

    I respect each of these blogs. As long as a Christian blog stays true to that genre, I will read and applaud it. Would love your comments on my new blog http://www.zachmalott.com

  • Frank Viola

    Very interesting results. I compiled 9 different christian blog lists – some of them being what are considered “the industry standards.” The results are quite differnent from your list: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/frankviola/thetopchristianblogs/

  • Matt

    This is also a great Christian blog: http://www.repeatpraylove.com/

  • steve


    One of primary reasons given by men to prove that water baptism is not essential for salvation is, what if someone believed but died before they were baptized?

    Does God give men a pass on meeting the requirements of salvation if they simply do not have time to comply?

    1. If a man believes but dies before he can be baptized into Christ for the forgiveness of his, will he still be saved? I cannot find that exception in Scripture. (Mark 16:16, Acts 2:38, 1 Peter 3:21)

    2. If a man was thinking about believing, but died before he had time to believe, would he still be saved? I cannot find that exception in Scripture. (Mark 16:16, John 8:24, John 3:16, Acts 16:30-34, Romans 10:9)

    3. If a man was thinking about repenting , but died before he stopped, murdering, getting drunk, stealing, or before he stopped his homosexual relationship, or before he discontinued his lifestyle of fornication, would that person still be saved? I cannot find that exception in Scripture. (1 Corinthians 6:9-11, Galatians 5:20-21)

    There is no record of men being saved because of their future good intentions.


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    • Lissy

      Steve, regarding your question Number 1: The believing thief on the cross next to Jesus was not baptized by water. He was, well, hanging on a cross, dying. Read what Jesus said to him. How can anyone make a Biblically-solid case that he was not saved because he was not baptized?

    • Michael Graham

      Steve… the thief on the cross NEVER got baptized, and yet Jesus said that he would be with him in paradise! You simply cannot argue that in light of the thief on the cross.

  • Swaag guy

    We are all one all from different backgrounds each have different experiences.. I need you just as much as you need me.. We are all like parts of a wheel we will are all trying to have a relationship with the Great spirit!.. check out http://www.swaaggear.com

  • Thank_You

    Thanks for the great list… If I might add two more:


  • Elder Andrew Martherus

    would anyone like to read my blog and give me feedback and support? I want to get it off the ground!


  • Ryan
  • Indigo

    May I recommend http://www.boldandfab.wordpress.com for your 2014 list? It’s a blog written for woman by Christian women. There are 5 of us, and each blogs on our specified day of the week. This blog is a true blessing to many. I hope we make the next list. Thank you for bringing awareness to blogs that some of us do not know exist. Blessings.

  • man

    Do Christianity believes in Horoscope?? This works for me.. Does it work for you? It motivates me like hell though!! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.horoscope.christian

  • Brandon Roberts

    good list for all you atheists out there there’s a ton of atheisim videos out there for you

  • boucher

    May I suggest http://www.Jamieraye.com…. very powerful

  • May I invite Chris to peruse http://www.reluctantfirstlady.com? My tag line is, “I hate to say this but…” and the blog offers a unique pastor’s wife’s perspective on current issues in today’s American Christian churches. It’s honest, it’s bold, it’s loving (believe it or not), it upholds the Bible, and there’s no time to be afraid.

    • P.S. Also, I’m African-American, just fyi. 🙂

  • David

    Can you add Miraculous-Interventions.com to the list, I read this book and it was pretty epic, I just got an email the other day that the author Deborah Peyron was starting a blog.

  • Because a picture is worth a thousand words… this is a Christian video blog on topics like shame, pride, sin, hope and joy.

  • Mike

    I started blogging about 2 years ago to tell my faith journey, and it turned into more than that. I have preached a couple of sermons since then and it has expanded to
    my ideas on faith. I hope you will check it out and helps whoever needs it.

  • NanerShine
  • jen

    I write a blog too, perhaps you might like it:) I am female, Christian, extrovert, vicars wife, mum of three… here I attempt to squeeze all of that into words. 5inaboat.com 🙂

  • HisCPA

    GREAT Blog!!!
    I would welcome listing our blog to your list.
    Have a BLESSED Day!!!

  • Kody

    Thank you! Check out poetry reviews and more at my blog @ http://christismylove.blogspot.com/

  • Unlikely Blogger
  • Jeff S

    Here is a new blog to help followers of Jesus ignite their walk with the Lord in the End Times http://www.endtimecatalyst.com Helpful articles on Spiritual growth and topics relating to end time prophecy. This is a new blog so be on the lookout for more to come!

  • Robert Burke
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  • Mara

    Is any of these for eastern ortodox christians or is it all for protestants and catholics?

  • Rustam Khan
  • Gods existence finally proven


  • Christian
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  • DanlBoone

    ridiculous–what a parade of religiosity and false teaching..


  • DanlBoone

    for what I can tell, this is an anti-Christ blog..

    instead of Christ..Wallis, or some other equally false teacher is promoted..

    major fail


    You must check out this new blog on the block