Problems with Christian Contemporary Music: An Interview with Trey Pearson of ‘Everyday Sunday’

Problems with Christian Contemporary Music: An Interview with Trey Pearson of ‘Everyday Sunday’ August 30, 2013

Trey Pearson, front man and creative mind behind the band, Everyday Sunday, is in many ways the picture of a successful Contemporary Christian Music artist. He’s toured the world, played to thousands of fans at a time and sold hundreds of thousands of records. So I was intrigued when I sat down with him at the recent Wild Goose Festival in North Carolina to learn more about why this icon of Christian pop was going solo with his most recent record.

How did you get started in the Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) scene?

I was introduced to the scene as a teenager, finding out that people listened to “Christian music.” I started going to “Christian concerts,” and was inspired to write my own songs and have a band. I was already into performance art as a teenager from doing theater, musicals, acting, and modeling for commercials, print, and things of that nature. I grew up teaching myself piano, and was intrigued by the idea of playing songs for people.

Given my background, I felt like I needed to do “Christian songs” to glorify God with my art. Long story short, after opening for several signed artists, I dropped out of college (after being on honor roll through my freshman year) to make an independent album and pursue a record deal. I went to Nashville, and knocked on doors until someone would listen. I signed a deal three months after I released my independent album.

This is an exclusive interview I did for Sojourners. Read the full article HERE.

"goodness, some pple shld just learn not to speak at all"

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  • prophetsandpopstars

    This was a great interview (on the podcast). It breaks my heart that asking questions has to be such a watershed. I’m PC(USA) and have been my whole adult life. I’ve never encountered an environment where asking questions was anything but strongly encouraged. Welcome to my bubble.

    Today I watched the Billy Corgan version of some of Trey’s comments. The Pumpkins are getting Smashier!

  • Kerry

    There is a punctuation error here, the comma after the word “band” in the first sentence should not exist.