Which Christian Blogs are You Reading? (Nominate/Vote)

Which Christian Blogs are You Reading? (Nominate/Vote) August 21, 2013


I’m revising the 2012 list of 25 Christian blogs folks should be checking out, and I( invite your input. Please nominate a blog (not your own, duh), include a link to it, a blurb about how it’s important and/or unique and who writes it.

From this list I’ll create a new “Top 25 Christian blogs you should be reading,” though I can’t promise the final list will be 100% in line with the nominations 🙂 But I bet it’ll be close.

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  • tanyam

    I spend a lot of time on the internet. Too much maybe. So podcasts — never make the cut. I can scan things quickly, but to sit and listen? Takes too long. What might tip that occasionally is a posting of important sentences in type.
    I also really, really appreciate careful labeling, so if I see a blogpost in my facebook newsfeed that tells me exactly what its about, I’m grateful. Not much information? –I’m not likely to click and read.

  • Francesca

    Light on Dark Water.


    It has music, movies, theology. The best Catholic blog out there.

  • Matthew Paul Manotti

    Jeffrey Overstreet (Looking Closer), Pete Enns, and The Bad Catholic

  • jesicainmt


    Flathead Mama is current, relevant (to use an often overused word), thoughtful woman, mother, wife, and writer. She is challenging, encouraging, and thought provoking. I always appreciate what she has to say, even if I don’t agree and she is good at creating dialogue with those of differing views. I think you’d look long and hard before finding another woman of her caliber, doing what she does in the blogosphere. I love me some Flathead Mama!

  • Jenn Martin
  • Tyrone Barnes

    decentfilms.com (Steven Greydanus)

  • Tyrone Barnes

    More Than One Lesson podcast. (Tyler Smith & Josh Long)

  • Sarita

    Don’t Eat Alone

  • mindy

    John Shore. One of the most outstanding voices in Christianity today. http://www.johnshore.com – the passionate, loving, humorous and meaningful conversations he encourages on his blog are truly inspirational.

  • JDH

    John Shore – fantastic – always worth reposting!

  • MP12

    Jamie the Very Worst Missionary (http://www.theveryworstmissionary.com/) Great for day-to-day living. Has a very authentic feel to it. Not overly theological.
    Pangea Blog-Kurt Willems(http://www.patheos.com/blogs/thepangeablog/) Good mix of talking the talk and walking the walk.
    Pete Enns (http://www.patheos.com/blogs/peterenns/) Not sure I would go anywhere else for Genesis discussion.
    Red Letter Christians (http://www.redletterchristians.org/) Great focus on social justice, though can occasionally lose the Christian focus.

  • Dyfed Wyn Roberts (http://www.dyfedwynroberts.org.uk/)
    Thorns and Gold (http://tanyamarlow.com/)

  • Ponderings on a Faith Journey. Dr. Bob Cornwall covers a range of topics and does it well. He’s a Disciples pastor who is a content producer more than a linker (not that I mind links), and well worth reading.pastor(http://bobcornwall.com). I find his blog especially helpful regarding issues of church polity and leadership.

  • Nate

    Peter T. Chattaway’s FilmChat! http://www.patheos.com/blogs/filmchat/

  • Rianna

    Rick McKinley’s blog. It’s new, but I’m excited to see where he goes with it, and he is a genius at sharing huge theological truths in an approachable manner. http://rickmckinley.net/

  • Kathryn Worrall

    The Palmer Perspective is an outstanding blog!

  • Cecil

    Lazarus and Others….http://iamlazarus2010.blogspot.com/
    Humorous writer. Hasn’t posted in a while. He will email you if you email him.
    Just reading his first 5 posts, you know him. Love his writing.

  • Hi Christian – I would add Rhett Smith. He has a great blog that he keeps up to date dealing with issues related to marriage, family and therapy. He’s a Marriage and Family Therapist from Fuller Seminary. http://rhettsmith.com/blog/

  • cneal

    Three that I read:

  • forestwalker2012

    This blog by an Orthodox priest and seminary professor is pretty obscure but deserves a very wide reading: Second Terrace @ http://janotec.typepad.com/

  • Teresa
  • Ann Martin Sherwin

    Surprised not to see Philip Yancey on the list, but maybe I just missed it? Yancey always has something thoughtul, compassionate, and appropriate to say. His style is gentle and his words powerful.

  • Haley Cobb Thomas

    Brandy Butler who writes http://followingbutterflies.org/
    is witty, fun, and Biblically sound. She writes with such eloquence and grace. She blogs about the tough issues as well as minor, fun ones. I love reading her blog, and I am inspired to be more like Christ every time I read. PLEASE check it out!!!

  • Krista Veteto

    I love http://jaysondbradley.com/. Jayson doesn’t shy away from topics, but handles it with a sincerity that I really appreciate.

  • Bill Sahlman

    wow, great list! I’m learning about more in the comments! we are big into Darkwood Brew. timely, great guests who resonate with where we are. http://darkwoodbrew.org/blog/

  • Trixie1466

    Nina Roesner at The Respect Dare. She does a great job helping women learn to relate to their husbands better by drawing closer to our God. http://ninaroesner.com/

  • Brian

    The Way of Improvement Leads Home, at http://www.philipvickersfithian.com. Great thoughts on the intersection between faith, learning, and history.

  • mom2twoguys
  • Dennis

    John Fea, chair of history department, Messiah College, blogs at http://www.philipvickersfithian.com and its content centers on teaching history with particular emphasis on American studies and Christian faith. Fea is an enjoyable read with an integrative, insightful application of his faith that he brings to his vocation and a good mix of personal experiences and humorous takes on contemporary culture to keep me coming back.

  • Guest

    Is it too late to nominate two? One is Pulpit Fiction – at http://pulpitfiction.us. It is a lectionary-based podcast that includes notes each week. The other is The Fat Pastor – at http://fatpastor.me. This one has a motto: Love God. Live Well. Do Good.

  • Georg Warnecke
  • Bronwen Speedie

    I’m trying to vote for some of the blogs I follow…but every time I click on one of the blogs, I get a message telling me to sign in. I select to sign in via Facebook, and it tells me I’m already signed in. I go back to vote for the blog I want to vote for, and the same thing happens again. Help…anyone know what’s going on?

  • A New Name by Emma Scrivener http://emmascrivener.net/category/blog/ A deeply honest, heartfelt and often humorous Christian blog looking at things like identity, culture, emotions, depression, gender, eating disorders and recovery.

  • Crystal St. Marie Lewis http://crystalstmarielewis.com/
    A Jesus follower who gently re-evaluates her former African-American Christian upbringing and what she was taught. Blogs on sexuality, [un]organised religion, interfaith and current affairs. I always find her perspective fresh and exciting.

  • Kent F

    Would it sound cynical if I asked “if Jesus himself had a blog, I wonder how popular He would be?”

  • Amber

    Compass in my Heart. This blog offers a true, sometimes tragic and sad, but always uplifting journey of a married missionary couple in Uganda. Raising dozens of children they call their own because…well, Jesus called us his own. Sitting over here comfortably in my home with beautiful healthy children, happy marriage, and abundance all around – I’m urgently reminded to be thankful, encouraged to share our excess, and most importantly – get involved! We are the hands and feet of Christ, and although I can’t just hop on a plain and fly over to meet Christie in person, I can certainly do something positive right in my home town, and whenever possible send her some things they need. Ekubo Ministries has changed my outlook on life because of her honesty, humbleness, and downright southern joy for the Lord!

  • Les Nordman

    Jeffrey Overstreet’s Looking Closer. 🙂

  • Joel D

    Pub Theologian. Beer, God, religion, and an open mind. http://pubtheologian.com/

  • Addy

    I only read The Femonite on a regular basis.

    Sometimes I read the Sojourners blog.

  • Mike
  • Anonymous3

    I cannot believe no one has added these highly active Christian blogs (200 – 1000 comments a week). They focus on Toxic Churches and Spiritual abuse:

    The Wartburg Watch – wartburgwatch.com
    Spiritual Sounding Board – http://spiritualsoundingboard.com/

  • delite

    My favorite blog for family devotions: http://devotionsforkids.com

  • Portia

    Desiring God, The Gospel Coalition, & The Resurgence

  • Check out my christian blog at: http://www.courageouschristianfather.com