Church Sign Epic Fails, “Mastur-abater” Edition

Church Sign Epic Fails, “Mastur-abater” Edition January 5, 2014

So I thought if you masturbate, you’d grow hair on your palms. Turns out your arm bursts into flames. The first one, I can deal with. The second…not so much.

Unless you use some novel two-handed system I’m unfamiliar with, you should be able to swing both, I think.
Pretty sure having the words “Old” and “Sex” in the same title cancel each other out.
I’ve heard of the missionary position, but…
Dud,e I totally saw Jesus peeking, and he skipped four and seven. DO-OVER!
yes, this is an actual banner and website for a real-life church. Really.
And here, we’ve been fighting wars and building stuff! Gah!
Man, is my face red. First time, I read this as “holey sex.” Very different.
"Hes still a christian, therefore nothing has changed."

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