Church Sign Epic Fails, “Clothing Optional” Edition

Church Sign Epic Fails, “Clothing Optional” Edition May 18, 2014

So I showed up naked to this church and got the weirdest looks. Hey, if you’re gonna make it an option, I’m gonna hold you to it. Better than holding it to you, eh? (Ba dum bum!)

Well, mom always did say to wear a suit to church. Never said it couldn’t be my birthday suit!
Never before have the words “gentle” and “tender” seemed so totally creepy next to each other.
Whichever dum dum came up with this sign sign should be fired fired.
I suffered and died on the cross, and you discount your meat? Perfect.


The thing is, this app expects you to pay again every seven days and NEVER offers updates.
And for that, we thank you.
Is it me or is it hard to tell if this is talking about prayer or…yeah, let’s hope it’s about prayer. God, I hope it’s about prayer.
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  • Every Doctor Who fan knows why naked church is funny. (CLARA: Doctor, why are you naked? DOCTOR: Because I’m going to church.)