Sex, Satire and Subversion

Sex, Satire and Subversion August 26, 2015
Our friend and yours, Pastor Jake Zimmermann (antiperspirant does wonders, Jake)

Screw rhyming titles this week; we’re going full-on alliteration! That’s how nerdy we are (mic drop…picks up mic to keep talking in type form, awkwardly apologizing for feedback from prior mic drop).


We’ll take you to the mountains and valleys in this episode, friends. For starters, we have one of our co-producers, Adam Phillips, sitting in for Slim Moon this week. And his response when he heard the topics o’ the week: “I’m gonna need some Baileys in my coffee for this one.” So you’ve been aptly warned.

Our interview is with satirist/performance artist William Perkins, know more notoriously in the Portland, Oregon area are Rev. Jake Zimmermann, a rather unhinged fundamentalist pastor who lives with his momma and trades folks salvation for a Klondike Bar. He’s

One of Jake's many "Save Portland from Hell" campaigns. Good luck with that one in Portland, buddy.
One of Jake’s many “Save Portland from Hell” campaigns. Good luck with that one in Portland, buddy.

something else. Learn how he took on the Portland Naked Bike Ride, re-imagined the “See You At the Pole” service form scripture, and what he did when confronted by a pastor from the church of his childhood, during a Sunday worship service, no less! You can also connect with Jake Zimmermann at his evangelism website,

You can also check out his evangelism strategy video HERE, where he trades folks on the street a Klondike Bar for accepting eternal salvation “Really Quick.”

In News of the World and our Echo Chamber, we talk all things sex: the good, bad and ugly. First, we break down the theological and scriptural justifications some ISIS adherents are using to make rape of women and girls an act of faith. Then we move on to gems like the Josh Duggar/Ashley Madison leak (poor choice of words?), and “Subway Jared” Fogle’s self-destruction for some pretty gnarly back-room stuff himself.

Oh, and we also take on Sprout Pharmaceuticals, the makers of the first so-called “female Viagra” pill, and their campaign against the FDA to push their drugs to market. Suffice it to say that Amy Piatt has a few loaded in the chamber for this segment.

We also have a little friction over one of our musical recommendations, and some other lesser-known tidbits for your ear-holes and eye-parts. And yes, no CultureCast would be complete without the trusty Fear of the Week. And if you though the “Pool sharks” fear was funny, this one is a leap or two past that one in funny (We’ve told amy not to drink bugs!).

Want to make sense of all this madness? Listen and learn…

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