Sweaty Faces, Parent Shame, Prez Hillary & Rising Above It

Sweaty Faces, Parent Shame, Prez Hillary & Rising Above It June 15, 2016

2657911532_b6c14a2313_oCultureCast alert: turns out Slim has a sweaty face. But we love him anyway. This leads us to a whole conversation about body images, the privilege of male grossness and if women should embrace their armpit hair. Well, technically I guess that’s impossible but you know…

As we all know, some really tough stuff has gone down lately; this timely sermon by Amy is our interview, talking about how we hold our grief and still rise through it and keep moving ahead.

If a kid falls in a gorilla habitat and everyone plays the blame game, who pays for the tragedy? Well of course, we kill the innocent animal, but aside from that, someone has to pay! We dig into parent shaming, including some of our own humiliating parenting moments. And man, do we have a lot of choose from.

Now that it’s settled who the major political teams have picked for the big showdown, what does it mean to have a woman making history, whether she wins or loses? And why do so many people hate her? There are reasons, we think, but not necessarily the obvious ones we tend to hear all the time.

Finally, after some too-hip-for-school recommendations, Amy fills us in on why we Pacific Northwesterners will also soon be liquified in her Fear of the Week. So yeah, it’s been fun folks, but I guess we’ll be zombie lava monsters soon.

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