Post-Election Hangover With Tripp and Christian

Post-Election Hangover With Tripp and Christian November 10, 2016

This is a post-election podcast. It is very fresh. Tripp Fuller (Host of the Homebrewed Christianity podcast) and I talk about our feelings, thoughts, anger and theology-beer-camp-2hopes after the election. We discuss it in three parts: as a Citizen, as a Husband-Parent, and as a Christian.  At the conclusion we decided to have a future (more reflective) episode and invited listeners of both podcasts to join it via the “SpeakPipe” on the Homebrewed Website. Just click the link above, go to the SpeakPipe tab on the right side of the screen and add your voice to a future episode.

We also mention an upcoming event in LA the day before Theology Beer Camp on January 18th called Third Rail Theology: Race, Class, & White Privilege in the Church. If you are a SoCal local you are invited, along with everyone coming to the Homebrewed event. Tripp, Amy Piatt and I will be there, along with many others. Three days of needing out, looking ahead to a post-Obama government and (much needed after that) liquid refreshment and further conversation.

If for some reason you don’t subscribe to both the CultureCast and HBC…think about it!

Because this episode isn’t through our regular host server, since it’s a joint episode, I can’t embed the episode player here. But you can listen by going here on the Homebrewed site or by visiting our feed on iTunes HERE. And as always, please support the CultureCast by becoming a monthly CultureCaster HERE. We’ll thank you with swag and lots of smooches.

"goodness, some pple shld just learn not to speak at all"

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