“Communicating the Culture of Life: Media and Message Training for Medical Professionals”

“Communicating the Culture of Life: Media and Message Training for Medical Professionals” July 24, 2013

Here’s an exciting event we are going to be putting on just before the Catholic Medical Association conference here in Southern CA this October 22-23.

(From the web site)

With euthanasia creeping up on the horizon, advancement in biotechnologies and the frightening infusion of Obamacare cash to Planned Parenthood, there has never been a more urgent moment for those who understand and value human dignity to speak powerfully into the culture. Studies have shown that no group is more trusted by the American people to talk about these matters than nurses, doctors and medical personnel.

But are you ready? You might know the facts of the matter, but do you know how to couch those facts in a way that will have impact? If a camera arrived at your door today, would you know how to dress, how to move, where to look, and what to say?

Catharsis, LLC specializes in helping people hone their story for all kinds of media. Collectively, we have forty years of experience working in front of and behind the camera. Additionally, our staff brings together philosophy, rhetoric and theological studies so as to better understand and frame the Culture of Life issues. Our partner, Galileo Studio, affords state of the art green screen technology that will be incorporated into the training experience.

Please share with pro-life doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, etc. Thanks!

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