‘No such thing as a beautiful lie”

‘No such thing as a beautiful lie” September 16, 2013

Thanks so much to journalist, Michelle Martin for doing this piece for the Chicago Archdiocesan paper, Catholic New World. Rarely have I ever been so pleased with the results of an interview. Usually, I ramble on for an hour talking too fast and throwing in lots of corollaries, which makes it all my fault when I get misquoted or taken out of context as I invariably do. But Michelle beautifully transcended my flaws as an interviewee. Consider me a new fan, Michelle!

My favorite quote – you know, of me – from the piece:

The advantage believers have is that, in having the truth, they have one of the elements needed for true beauty. Much of what passes for art now tells lies about the nature of reality, and, Nicolosi Harrington said, “You can’t have a beautiful lie in the classical sense. You can have a seductive, provocative, attractive lie, but you can’t have a beautiful lie.”

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