Avatars and Autistic Savants

Avatars and Autistic Savants October 16, 2018
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Einstein spent the latter part of his life trying to create a TOE (Theory of Everything).  Since then, many other scientists have attempted to succeed where he failed.  I believe all such efforts are doomed to end up in the wastebasket, unless “the primacy of consciousness” becomes a basic postulate. To date, most scientific efforts to create a TOE haven’t even acknowledged the existence of consciousness, let alone its primacy!  The results are TOE’s which are so small that even a leprechaun’s shoe could easily accommodate ten of them.

Part of the problem is the measuring tools they employ.  Ireland is quite a small island; its length is merely 300 miles, while its width is just 150 miles.  So how long do you reckon its coastline is?  Well it depends on your tape measure.  If you were to use an inflexible steel rod of length ten miles and march around the coastline, you might find that it’s 1,500 miles total.  If, however, you used an inflexible steel rod of one-mile length, you’d find, perhaps, that the coastline was 4,000 miles total.  Shorter rods would allow you to visit inlets that longer rods couldn’t access.  The shorter the rod, the longer the coastline.  In fact, if you used a really flexible rod that could visit all the tiny nooks and crannies and follow all the rivers and their tributaries to their sources, you’d find that the coastline was infinite!

And the same thing would be true if you attempted to measure the perimeter of a cross section of the human brain – provided your “tape” was small enough; for the brain, too, optimizes its intelligence by contorting itself into all kinds of crenulations and crevices.  Clever brain.

However, lest we become big headed, the same would happen if we measured the perimeter of a cross section of a cauliflower!

In fact, everything in the physical world – not the world of Platonic forms, where the ideal shapes exist – has an infinite perimeter, since it’s composed of atoms, which are more than 99.999% empty space.  You’d need a lot of tape to connect all of the atoms of a Granny Smith apple.  Each thing is infinite – only our senses, thinking and models make things appear finite.  For example, if you were to measure them with an “ordinary tape”, an adult human has about 100,000 miles of blood vessels in his body – four times the circumference of the planet.

And the reason for this infinity is that all things are projections from the mind of God, which is uncountably infinite.  And, because of the fractal, holographic nature of manifestation, any contiguous chunk of uncountable infinity is, itself, uncountably infinite.

So, if the perimeter of the cross section of a brain is, indeed, infinite, does that mean that it contains infinite intelligence and so is omniscient, like God?  The problem here is that incarnation (and particularly the development of ego) introduces filters and firewalls to those cosmic Akashic Records.  Cultural hypnosis and the laws of society radically constrict these channels.  Seemingly, only avatars and autistic savants (or selective brain injury) can do an end run around some of these filters.  The savants then gain access to mathematical, scientific and artistic genius, while the avatars swim in the unconditional love and all-encompassing compassion of Source.  The price the savants pay for these gifts is a compromised sense of self and difficulties negotiating the rules of relationships.  The price the avatars pay is often the cry of, “heretic!” or “traitor!” – both of which can be punishable by death.

Reductionistic, materialistic scientists and the sane, socialized citizenry are safely ensconced in prison pens of their own making.

If freedom means significantly reducing your ego, would you agree to the trade?

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