When Soul Met Body — Re-Calibrating The Genesis Fall

When Soul Met Body — Re-Calibrating The Genesis Fall October 27, 2020

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In an earlier blog, A Place Between Heaven and Earth, I described my fall as being a descent from a celestial realm into a human body at birth. I still remember taking my first breath in a physical spacesuit of incarnation1 after being whacked on the behind by some guy wearing a white mask. With this remembrance — and what I was taught in Catholic Sunday school — the story of the Fall, as told in the Book of Genesis, never made sense.

How was I to believe that the Fall was about being kicked out of the terrestrial Garden of Eden as punishment for eating forbidden fruit? For starters, if one were to fall, they would have to fall from on high. And if one were to become subject to mortality, one must first have been an immaterial being-of-light residing in a celestial realm.

I’ve always thought that much of the myth of the Fall had been lost in translation throughout the millennia in which it was retold. Here’s how I think it really went down:

“It all happened two hundred thousand years ago in a place between Heaven and Earth, a celestial abode wherein was a garden whose inhabitants were not of-the-flesh, but immaterial beings-of-light, archetypes of what were to become the modern-day humans, fauna and flora of terrestrial Earth.

“Rumor has it that the two of human archetype ate from The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Yet, this so-called tree was actually a portal, also known in biology as a chreode (a canalized pathway of change),2 connecting the morphic field 3 of this celestial abode to that of terrestrial Earth. After eating the fruit, the two were unexpectedly hurled through the portal and fell to terrestrial Earth where they each found themself anchored inside a human body.

“The light of their beings was now covered by SKIN — the flesh of incarnation. Not only had they become mortal, they were the first modern humans, known as Homo Sapiens Sapiens.”

Sound like malarkey? Not really. Genesis 2-3 (The Garden of Eden and Expulsion from Eden) are, perhaps, the most misunderstood scriptures of the Old Testament. Not only are they are a compendium of mystical insight spanning our history from before we had physical spacesuits of incarnation. They are also on target with the belief of abrupt development in the doctrine of universal evolution — specifically, the sudden appearance of modern humans 200,000 years ago.4 The key to unlocking these scriptures is to venture beyond their physical interpretation and explore their eternal essence.

Perhaps the ancient Greek philosopher, Plato, said it best when he postulated the existence of an autonomous realm of Essences or Ideas or Forms existing outside space and time and independently of manifestations of them in the physical world of human understanding, which he termed the Phenomenal World.According to Plato, the pre-Fall Adam and Eve are, indeed, archetypes of Homo Sapiens Sapiens, in immaterial form, unconsciously awaiting their physical manifestation on terrestrial Earth. 6 Also, recently I learned that the hypothesis of the pre-Fall Garden of Eden being in a celestial realm where Adam and Eve were immaterial beings-of-light is on target with the original epic of the Fall!

Not only is the Book of Genesis linked to many ancient bodies of myth. 7 It was continuously edited from the 6th century BC onwards, for moralistic ends, for a Jewish audience who had suffered the effects of exile. 8 All the pre-biblical, Hebrew sacred texts were lost or censored. Yet, many sacred texts and midrashim (ancient commentaries on part of the Hebrew scriptures, attached to the biblical text) have been excavated, revealing the parts which had been suppressed and providing insight into the Fall. 10

For instance, in ancient Hebrew tradition, the pre-Fall Garden of Eden lies in the Third Heaven, known as Shehaqim. 11 And Adam and Eve were, indeed, immaterial beings-of-light! 12 According to a midrash by Rabbi Eliezer ben Hyrcanos, a prominent Palestinian sage of circa 90-130 AD, after the first bite of the forbidden fruit, “Adam wondered at Eve’s nakedness because her glorious outer skin, a sheet of light, smooth as a fingernail, had fallen away.” 13 And when Adam tasted the fruit, “the outer skin of light fell away from him also.” 14  It was after the Fall that Adam and Eve descended to the lower Garden of Eden located in terrestrial Mesopotamia.15

Even so, the Fall is still a MYTH. And that’s a good thing! In his blog of August 6, 2019, Transfiguration — Then and Now, Fr. Seán ÓLaoire, PhD, describes mythology as the “archived wisdom of a culture,” meant to be “inspirational and transformative.” 16 Considering that this archived wisdom is stored in the Akashic Field, 17 which holds the record of all that ever happened in the entire cosmos and relates it to all that is yet to happen, mythology IS truly inspirational!

After all, it is difficult to relate the story of the first immaterial beings-of-light entering Homo Sapiens’ bodies and becoming a new sub-species, Homo Sapiens Sapiens — especially since this happened long before there was written language to record such events! The earliest known form of writing, cuneiform script, appeared around 3000 BC in Sumer, Mesopotamia.18 And spoken words leave no traces in the archaeological records.19

So, how do we begin to unravel the mystical meaning of the Fall? We start with trees. Why? Trees connect realms. The trees on Earth connect to the celestial realms by releasing oxygen into the atmosphere by using energy from sunlight 20 while their roots anchor them to the realm of terrestrial Earth. In biology realms are morphic fields.21 And canalized pathways of change that connect morphic fields are chreodes.22 Metaphorically speaking, trees can be described as chreodes. This is because change happens by contact with trees especially in the celestial realm of the Third Heaven. Therein lies The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, a chreode connecting the morphic field of the Third Heaven to terrestrial Earth. And The Tree of Life, a chreode connecting the morphic field of the Third Heaven to the next-higher morphic field, Zebul, known simply as Heaven in the Hebrew Scriptures. 23

In fact, All of Life can be seen as One BIG Tree. This archetype exists in many mystical traditions and in evolutionary biologist, Charles Darwin’s, Evolutionary Tree of Life. 24 And, the human body is no exception. Its vertical aspect, symbolized by the flow from head to toe, represents the connection between Heaven and Earth. 25 And anchored inside the human body — by a metaphysical, elastic, umbilical, chreode cord — is the soul. 26 

Although mysticists 27 and esoteric exponents call this the Astral Cord, 28 they differ in its point of attachment to the physical body. My experience is that there are several cords, each attached to a specific location within the physical body — at one of the main chakras, or within the more subtle, arterial network. 29 Each cord connects to a unique, subtle realm.

Yet, I agree with what the ancient Greek philosopher, Plutarch, wrote about the most important cord: The purer part remains without the body — it is not drawn down into it, but it swims above and touches the extremest part (top) of the man’s (woman’s) head.” 30 This cord is unique in that it is a direct pathway to the Third Heaven. 31

My experience is that one is transported through the inside of this cord— which appears as a dark tunnel — to find oneself bodiless as what the ancient Greeks would call pneuma (spirit-breath) 32 in the Third Heaven — a holographic light-realm, which manifests a landscape composed solely of light rays, where every color contains rays of every other color within! Then suddenly, while taking it all in with eyes that are not of the physical senses, one is suddenly snapped back into their physical body by this cord, entering through the top of the head. The reattachment completes as the soul anchors at the base of the spine.

It was after this unexpected event that mystical passages from the Bible began to make sense to me in a different way. Simply, because one experiences how ‘things work’ in the celestial realms! I surmised that things were quite different for the pre-Fall Adam and Eve. Not only was theirs a reverse experience — from the Third Heaven to terrestrial Earth. It was a FIRST TIME.

And, their appearance in physical bodies on terrestrial Earth was sudden, which supports the belief of Darwin and modern biologists in abrupt development — evolution in fits and starts — also known as The Hypothesis of Punctuated Equilibria. 33 According to geneticists, Homo Sapiens Sapiens appeared suddenly, 200,000 years ago. This is when the Mitochondrial Eve, the oldest living ancestor with DNA identical to ours, appeared and the human brain became bigger and more complex. 34

And from a literary perspective, The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil implies that contact with this tree will affect the brain, endowing it with analytical thought — knowing right and wrong. So, even this myth is describing the appearance of a bigger, more complex brain.

And, if Adam’s and Eve’s “coats of skin” were animal skins, animal slaughter would have been allowed at the time. The first mention of this is after the Fall, in Genesis 4:4, Abel’s sacrificial offering of ”fat portions from some of the firstborn of his flock.” So, the only reasonable meaning of the phrase “coats of skin” is that Adam and Eve were clothed in SKIN — physical bodies of incarnation.

As to exactly how all this happened, we will never know. It makes me think of ‘substances’ — such as magical mushrooms, or the psychedelic drugs of the 1960s — and how they would instantly affect consciousness and one’s perception of reality. And all this would happen while still incarnate, even if we were to leave our body in a Plutarch kind-of-way — by the Astral Cord — and return.

Yet, for the newly incarnate Adam and Eve, theirs was a permanent awakening of knowledge of good and evil. Although the Anima Mundi (world soul),35 or as Fr. Seán ÓLaoire, PhD, often says, “Consciousness” births matter, 36  I would not call Adam’s and Eve’s physical embodiment an awakening of Consciousness, since even today not every human on our planet is fully awake!

Anyway, the Myth of the Fall is when Soul met Body. And all that we have to decipher its meaning is our mystical intuition, scientific interpretation and the Akashic records 37 stored in our Soul.

What do YOU remember?




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