A Bhagavad Gita for Bealtaine

A Bhagavad Gita for Bealtaine June 8, 2021


This poem came to me in a dream in the early hours of May 1st, 2021, which is the ancient Celtic feast of Bealtaine – the first day of summer in European calendars. For the Celts, Bealtaine is one of four great times when the very planet itself becomes a Caol Áit (a thin place) and the veil between dimensions becomes diaphanous. Then, there is a cosmic dance between the mystical and the mundane, between the sacred and the secular. The Faery folk have full permission to visit ‘our’ realm and the courageous human has the opportunity to peer in and even venture into their world. For the merely curious this can be an adventure but for those who want to draw closer to God, it is a chance to transcend mere human perceptions and cosmologies and ascend to higher levels of reality. The ultimate level, of course, is union with Source and it is from that level that the great “I Am” statements emerge. In that space, there is no ego – and the ego is certainly not the author of such statements. We find them in all of the great mystical traditions. They can be found among Sufi sages, Christian Mystics, Jewish Rebbes and Hindu Rishis. John’s gospel – in the mouth of Jesus – is filled with such statements. And the ‘Song of Amhergín’, the oldest poem in any Celtic language, is perhaps one of the most beautiful articulations of “I Am”. It was sung by the bard/druid/leader, Amhergín, from the prow of the first Milesian (Celtic) ship to penetrate the numinous fog off the Irish coast around 500 BCE, as they ‘discovered’ Ireland.

Since the poem I have written – or more precisely, dreamed – is a ‘song of God’ it reminded me of the great Hindu epic – the Bhagavad Gita, which means, ‘the song of God.’ Hence, the title I have given to the piece.



The Poem

I am unlimited Love

Holding, in my holographic heart,

all that was, is and ever can be.

I am unlimited Light

the mother-matter,

the building blocks of life,

which await the touch of the master’s hand.

I am unlimited Logos,

the master who fashions this light

into multitudinous forms,

deftly weaving the baton

that conducts the symphony of my star stuff.

I am unlimited Life

in all its many phases,

pre-incarnational, incarnational

post-incarnational and re-incarnational.

I am flowers and butterflies;

I am toothlessly smiling infants

and great mustachioed walruses.

I am playful, agile kittens

and great lumbering elephants.

I am turbulent oceans

heaving and hurling tsunamis

at the stoic cliff faces.

I am serene, stable mountain ranges

solidly and silently contemplating eternity.

I am unlimited Laughter

breaking through the illusion of the pseudo-reality

created by the tyranny of fear-filled thinking.

I am the cross of Resurrection

grounded in incarnation

while my crown chakra pierces the heavens.

I am the atoms of my own immanence

aligned in ultimate laserized coherence,

and embracing all beings

with my outstretched arms.

I am the Source Soul

holding and hugging the entire mantra of manifestation.

I Am Who Am.

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