How Many Languages Does God Speak? Part 3

How Many Languages Does God Speak? Part 3 October 3, 2022

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(This is a continuation of How Many Languages Does God Speak? Part 2 in which we explored the languages of  reality and the art of inference.)

For the remainder of this essay, I’m going to use the word, ‘language’ generically to mean any form of communication between the Immanence of God (Her creation) and the Transcendence of God (His ineffability.)


E. Mathematics, Art and Mysticism

Pure Mathematics is how the left brain most closely approximates mysticism; and its offspring – Statistics – is the basis of experimental science. Art is how the right brain most closely approximates mysticism, as it expresses Archetypes and Ideograms. An ideogram is a form of language that has neither sounds nor words. It is a symbol that represents an entire concept. Some examples of ancient ideograms are the Cross, the Crescent Moon, the Star of David, the Ankh and the Swastika (before the Nazis corrupted it.)

As an example, the Tarot is an art form filled with archetypes and ideograms, and in the hands of an adept can flood the practitioner with a wealth of psychospiritual information.


F. Entanglement

Entanglement doesn’t just happen at the subatomic level but even at the macrocosmic level, since everything that exists is a holographic fractal of Source. The Catholic notion of ‘the Communion of Saints’ is an insight into this phenomenon. Mystics aver that you are not the observer (a static subject) nor yet the observed (a static object) but, rather, the observing (a dynamic awareness.)

DNA itself is a converter of matter into form – it is the Logos operating at the level of biochemistry. And the idea of ‘junk DNA’ is simply a measure of our scientific and spiritual ignorance. Nature – God’s Immanence – never creates junk. Rather, ‘junk DNA’ is really mathematical information awaiting a suitable environment in order to manifest in physiological form.


G. Memory

A word on memory and storage. Mainstream neurology would have us believe that all memories are stored in the brain; that the hippocampus holds the factual details of each event, while the amygdala holds the emotions generated by each event. Even a cursory probe gives the lie to this. Despite the complexity of the brain with its 86 billion neurons and the myriad of combinations possible, it is still far too small to hold all the data. Like your personal computer, the storage capacity quickly gets used up, so your computer ‘outsources’ the vast bulk of the data to ‘the cloud’. In the same way, and long before the invention of the PC, your brain offloads all of its memories to the Akashic Records. The problem, then, isn’t so much about storage as it is about retrieval. Sometimes, your personal secretary can’t find the item you’re looking for.

And here’s the dance; if you wait years before trying to recall a particular memory, it begins to fade, like an old photo left to warp and yellow in a box. However, if you drag out the memory too frequently, each visit changes the memory, like a photo that handled so often that it has thumb prints and coffee stains on it.

Gratefully the originals are stored in the Akashic Records. During life you’ve only been given photocopies. At the other side of the veil, after you’ve shuffled off your mortal coil, you’ll have access to the latest updated batch of the originals during your life review – and all the time you want (since time is an illusion anyway) to review the full set of all of your lifetimes; and, with the permission of the ‘owners’, to everybody else’s records also.

Another word about memory. The normal flow for humans is as follows. The senses drink in data, the brain then processes these data to form images, which leads to the actual experience of the ‘outside world’. Experiences are stored in memory and when a lot of memories are archived, they create the individual’s reality model. The shared reality models of the tribe then lead to an ‘intersection set’ (to use a mathematical term from number theory) which then becomes the consensual reality of the entire group. It is very difficult, subsequently, for an individual to experience that which the culture says is not real.

Colonialism of all kinds (military, economic, religious…) suppresses the old story and imposes a new one, thus, in time, killing off the conquered culture’s reality model. Eventually, even entire modalities (dreams, visions, entheogens…) get lost. Materialistic scientism has proven to be the greatest mass murderer of modalities ever.


H. Astrology

Let’s have a quick look at astrology – and I’m not talking about the morning paper which tells you, in one sentence, “you’re a Libra, watch out today for a fortuitous windfall.” I mean the ancient art. Since it’s a scientific fact that light is a carrier of information, and also a fact that five minutes of sunlight sends more information to Earth than is contained in all of the archives and libraries of the planet, it’s highly probable that light from any star or galaxy, and the reflected light from other planets in our solar system, must be constantly sending creative data our way. So, I would contend, that you are not who you are because you randomly arrived when and where you were born but, rather, that you chose when and where to be born in order to signify who you are and what you’ve come to do. Together with the secret, sacred name Grandmother God whispered as you winged your way into incarnation, the heavens themselves shouted, “There you go, this is your time and place!” So, your arrival is heralded by the sacred music of the cosmos (your name) and the artistic canvas of the cosmos (the sky). You came amidst the audio-visual symphony of incarnation.


I. Concluding Remarks

Distressed by the rigid intransigence of the Pharisees, Jesus asked them why they could read and predict weather patterns but couldn’t see the signs of the times (God symbols). It is not where we look but, rather, how we look that allows us to become archeologists of reality. If we don’t know how to look, we can look everywhere and find nothing. If we do know how to look, it doesn’t really matter where we look, we can find everything.

My first prayer each morning is the following: “I am plugged into the universe so deeply that I am a channel of love, of light and of logos, of life and of laughter, of wisdom and information for our planet and for our times.”

I’m listening, Lord; are You speaking?

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