Some Musings that Support the Theme: “This is My Body.”

Some Musings that Support the Theme: “This is My Body.” August 22, 2023

1. God said, ‘This is My Body.’

God is a grandmother, a baker-woman kneading the present moment into the loaf of the future, just like she kneaded the quark-saturated cosmos from the blob of no-thing-ness before there was a Big Bang.

Neither the Christian Logos nor the Hindu Om is really a word, nor is it an abstruse divine principle but, rather, the frequency of God incarnating.

The Big Bang was the sound of God laughing when She conceived this little universe. I saw Her stretched out on Her birthing bed cradling this shimmering, wide-eyed cosmos and whispering to it, over and over again: “Little one, I love you, do not be afraid. Little one, I love you, do not be afraid.”

2. The Cosmos said, ‘This is My Body’

 The soothing mantra of the Beatitudes, when sung into the deafening cacophony of tribal violence, will in time, dissolve all dissonance and lead to a cosmic symphony of love sound. Then, truly, we will see that we live in a Universe – a single song.

3. Gaia said, ‘This is My Body’

The human body is a fractal of Gaia. The blood vessels are its waterways, the breath is its zephyrs, breezes and winds, and the heartbeat is the Schumann Resonance, as the planet sings lullabies to all of her children.

Jesus said, ‘This is My Body’

I believe that the Nazarene’s message from ‘beyond the veil’ would be: “What I want is imitation not adoration, Christ Consciousness not Jesus worship.”

The last 24 hours of Jesus’ life were a demonstration of how to die, but the previous 30 years were a demonstration of how to live. And his entire incarnation was a demonstration of how to love.

The Cross, properly understood, is how we find the ‘thin places’ and pierce the veil of Maya.

You said, ‘This is My Body’

If little green leaves, fluttering in the breeze, are siblings, then the twigs from which they emerge, must be the parents, while the branches supporting those twigs are the grandparents, who come from the lordly limbs – the great-grandparents, themselves progeny of the mighty trunk – the great-great-grandparents, the visible offspring of the exploring root system – the great-great-great-grandparents. Is it any wonder that we speak of the ‘family tree’, ‘etz chaim’, ‘the tree of life’, ‘the axis mundi’…?

Love is not an attribute of God; rather “God” and “Love” are synonyms for ultimate reality. So, who are we really? We are droplets of love wrung from the heart of our Mother in the crucifixion of incarnation and the resurrection of enlightenment.


Photo by Mario Mesaglio on Unsplash.

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