New Study: South Dakota Voters Strongly Favor Convention of States Resolution

New Study: South Dakota Voters Strongly Favor Convention of States Resolution February 14, 2018

Moore Information, a South Dakota-based research firm, conducted a poll of 300 likely Republican voters from the state on February 8th, measuring support for the Convention of States proposal SJR3.

Questions were also asked about the GOP primaries in the South Dakota Governor’s race, Congressional approval, and President Trump’s approval.

Voters were asked about their initial reaction to a Convention of States, then polled separately on their views of congressional term limits, federal spending limits, and limiting federal power. After being confronted with these individual issues, voters were asked again about a Convention of States to propose amendments on those topics.

The results showed that 72% of respondents want South Dakota to call for a Convention of States to propose constitutional amendments that limit federal spending, limit federal power, and establish term limits for members of Congress and/or federal judges.

This is exactly what SJR3 does, and it is currently pending in the South Dakota Senate. The people of South Dakota have given their state legislators a clear mandate to pass this resolution and the time is right now.

Trump and Congress Job Approval: Trump meets with widespread job approval among South Dakota Republicans – fully 82% approve (58% strongly) of the job Trump is doing as President, while only 16% disapprove.  Wide majorities of most key GOP subgroups approve today, with Moderates/Liberals the exception.

The survey, commissioned by Convention of States Action, is the most extensive survey done in South Dakota thus far relating to these issues and the 2018 gubernatorial election. It included respondents from a random stratified selection of likely 2018 general election and primary voters. The margin of error is [+/- 6].

SD Governor’s Race – GOP Primary
40%  Kristi Noem
35%  Marty Jackley
5%  Lora Hubbel
2%    Terry La Fleur
18%  Don’t know/none

How is Congress Doing?
65%  Disapprove
32%  Approve
3%  Don’t know

Convention of States Post-Explanation Favorability
72%  Favor
17%  Oppose
12%  Undecided

Commenting on the survey, Convention of States Action President Mark Meckler said, “Only one question remains—will the legislators in South Dakota comply with the will of the people, or will they do the bidding of the radical left and anti-constitutionalists in the state who universally oppose calling a Convention of States? Will they stand with Hillary Clinton, George Soros and the Washington elite to keep power in Washington, D.C. or will they stand and fight to return power to South Dakotans?”

Representative Lynne Hix-Disanto (HD-35, Rapid City), who is the primary sponsor of the Conventions of States bill in the South Dakota State House said, ‘“When almost three-quarters of South Dakota voters favor reining in the out-of-control federal government, I call on my fellow legislators to heed that request and represent the citizens who elected them by voting to pass SJR3, the Article V Convention of States Resolution.”

Methodology: A total of 300 interviews were conducted February 8, 2018 among a statewide sample of likely Republican primary voters in South Dakota.  Interviews were conducted using IVR automated interviews. The potential sampling error is plus or minus 6% at the 95% confidence level.

About the Convention of States Project
The Convention of States Project is currently organized in all 50 states, including over two million volunteers, supporters and advocates committed to stopping the Federal Government’s abuse of power. 12 States: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Missouri, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas, have passed Article V Resolutions since the Project’s founding in 2013. Virginia hosted the first-ever Simulated Article V Convention of States in the fall of 2016. Currently, 46 States are considering the COS Resolution. For more information, visit

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