Saving our Future: a Millennial’s Take on Convention of States

Saving our Future: a Millennial’s Take on Convention of States February 22, 2018
by Mike Wagner
Despite the chaos throughout the last election, one constant held true: the government has been corrupt for some time.

Americans on both sides scoured the political spectrum in search of a candidate who represented their values and interests.
Underdog candidates by the likes of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump completely reshaped the political landscape. I am not here to debate either candidate’s policies, but to explain there was a common attraction both possessed.
Neither was part of the political establishment, but voters felt these two people understood them and would fight for them. We placed our faith in them. However, no single president can fix the Washington bureaucracy.
The American people know the federal government does not act in their best interests, yet we turn a blind eye. We’re more interested watching a reality show or taking a quiz to see which superhero we most closely resemble.
Thomas Jefferson warned us of this when he said:
“An enlightened citizenry is indispensable for the proper functioning of a republic. Self-government is not possible unless the citizens are educated sufficiently to enable them to exercise oversight. It is therefore imperative that the nation see to it that a suitable education be provided to its citizens.”
The Convention of States allows Americans, both liberal and conservative, to take back Washington from the political elite. Term limits, a balanced budget, giving states back their power, all would be possible without the interference of Congress or the President.
Article V of the Constitution was written as an emergency plan for the American people. The Founding Fathers feared tyranny so much, they gave a way for the people to bypass Congress.
The Convention of States project calls for just this: a united assembly of states working together to reduce the size, reach, and power of the federal government. Although many have tried to invoke Article V, there have never been 34 states united under a common purpose.
True change is brought through individuals that are passionate towards a common goal. The Convention of States project is just that. We are committed to a single idea: reducing the overreach of the federal government.
Our results are proof of this commitment. We currently have 12 states that passed our application, and nine more that have passed it in one house of their state legislature.
Our media has painted a picture that 2017 was the year of political activism in response to the election. We all were witness to the tweets, insults, and violent demonstrations that have been near non-stop since 2016, but I contend this is not real activism or change.
I urge anyone who would like to join a movement that is bringing about true change in Washington to visit our page Convention of States and signing the petition which pops up.
Article by Mike Wagner
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