Kansas Senate Supports Deep State, Immoral Debt and Reckless Federal Spending

Kansas Senate Supports Deep State, Immoral Debt and Reckless Federal Spending March 13, 2018

After four and a half years of continuing education in every state house in America by the Convention of States grassroots, there are no more excuses from legislators who say “they need more time” to see if this is the right path.

In a stunning display of support for the deep state, immoral debt and reckless spending at the federal level, the Kansas legislature endorsed tyranny of the bureaucracy by failing to fulfill the mandate expressed by more than two-thirds (67%) of the voters of Kansas, including Democrats, Independents and Republicans, to pass the Convention of States resolution, SCR 1611. The final vote was 22 – 16 in favor, but in Kansas a two-thirds majority is needed to pass legislation.

What was more theater of the absurd, instead of the guardians of the rights of Kansans, Senate Democrats misled the Convention of States grassroots for the past several months, professing to review the legislation and vote independently, but decided ahead of the scheduled floor vote that they would instead vote “nay” as a block.

“Here we go again with politicians believing they know better than the people,” said David Schneider, Regional Director for the Convention of States Project. “Even though every Senator agrees that the federal government is on an unsustainable path, the voters of Kansas couldn’t get a bi-partisan vote of solidarity from them to save the country.”

In the same February 15 poll, likely Republican voters in Kansas favored passing SCR 1611 by more than three-fourths (77%). The votes of these seven Republican Senators: Hildebrand, McGinn, Pyle, Schmidt, Skubal, Sykes and Taylor, signaled that the decision-making power of Kansans should reside in Washington, not in Topeka.

“Were it not for five anti-constitutionalist Republicans who voted with the Democrats, the measure would have passed with the necessary 2/3,” continued Schneider.  “These traitors sold out their constituents (who supported the measure by a polled 77%) and the country, in favor of DC continuing to tell Kansans what to do, and how to do it.  They should be ashamed of themselves, and today, certainly, at least 77% of Kansans are ashamed of them, and angry.”

Image Credit: Jimmy Emerson, DVM

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