Ngaio Marsh: Bad Makeup on a Bad Face

Ngaio Marsh: Bad Makeup on a Bad Face April 9, 2015

She painted her face, but with such inattention to detail that Roberta was reminded of a cheap print in which the colours had slipped to one side, showing the original structure of the drawing underneath. She had curious eyes, very pale, with tiny pupils, and muddy whites. They were so abnormally sunken that they seemed to reflect no light and this gave them a veiled appearance which Roberta found disconcerting, and oddly repellent. Her face had once been round but like her make-up it had slipped and now hung in folds and pockets about her lips, which were dragged down at the corners.

— Ngaio Marsh, A Surfeit of Lampreys

The description of Lady Wutherwood’s makeup inescapably reminded me of this t-shirt, which was going around back in the late 80’s. Tammy Faye Bakker, anyone?

Typewriter Type Bars

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