The Dogmat saw Pictures, Pictures Everywhere

The Dogmat saw Pictures, Pictures Everywhere July 23, 2015


The Dogmat has been renewing his interest in photography recently, and has come across a number of pertinent articles.

13 Exercises for Photographers That Can Help Jump-Start Creativity: The Dogmat will be taking himself for walks in the future, camera in paw, and he can use a little help getting back into the game. Some of these look like a lot of fun. (Note: “exercise” means making photographs subject to certain constraints, not calisthenics. Although the Dogmat could use those as well.)

How to Take Photographs Like Ansel Adams: The Master Explains The Art of “Visualization: The Dogmat read Adams on photograph back in the long ago, and he remembers. Adams would look at a scene, visualize the photograph he wanted to make, set his camera up accordingly, and take the picture. He used a large-format film camera; exposures were expensive, and you didn’t make many. The amazing bit is that he wasn’t visualizing what the exposed negative would look like when printed in the simplest possible way; he was also visualizing the sometimes quite complex gyrations he’d have to do while making the print to make it look the way he wanted.

‘The Fourth Wall’ Haunting Photos of Empty Stages Taken From An Actor’s Point of View: The Dogmat likes this series of photographs a whole lot. The contrast between the lavishly appointed hall in the background and the industrial appearance of the stage in the foreground is astonishing.

Chuck Jones – The Evolution of an Artist: The nifty movie videocast “Every Frame a Painting” takes on Chuck Jones, and what makes his cartoons stand up fifty and more years later. The Dogmat grew up on Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, and thinks Chuck Jones is the Bee’s Knees.

photo credit: The British Library, Public Domain

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