Fr. Barron Comes to Los Angeles!

Fr. Barron Comes to Los Angeles! July 22, 2015

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels If you’re reading this blog you’re probably already aware that Fr. Robert Barron of Word On Fire has been appointed one of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles’ three new auxiliary bishops. I didn’t hear anything in Archbishop Gomez’ press conference today about how they would be serving, but I have some speculations.

The Archidiocese of Los Angeles is immense, the largest in the United States in terms of population. It has historically been divided into five pastoral regions, each with its own auxiliary bishop. With the just-announced retirement of Bishop Wilkerson three of those regions are without auxiliary bishops, so it’s a reasonable guess that each of the three new auxiliaries will be assigned to one of the regions. It’s not a sure thing, by any means—I’ve been told that considerable reorganizations are going on at the Archdiocesan level—but on the other hand, a spokesman of the Archdiocese told the Washington Post that they’d be so assigned. (H/T to the Anchoress for the link.)

Much was made of Bishop-Elect Barron’s media-related skills at the press conference this morning; and of the three regions that are open (San Fernando, San Gabriel, and Santa Barbara) the one most closely associated with the movie and TV industry is the San Fernando region.

And that happens to be the region I live in. I think there’s a better than 50-50 chance that Bishop-Elect Barron will be the one to confirm my two younger children. (And if not, then not. I’ve heard good things about the other two appointees as well, and in any event I’ll be content with the bishop I get.)

Still. I don’t squeee, but if I did I probably would.

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