A Classic Greek Menu

A Classic Greek Menu April 7, 2016

Temple of Zeus So my daughter’s class was given the assignment to make up a menu for a themed restaurant. Her particular theme was Greek mythology. My elder son and I were inspired, and came up with a number of unique…dishes.

  • Persephone’s Diet Plate
  • The Scylla and Charybdis Platter (the entree isn’t the best, but the sides are to die for).
  • The All-You-Can-Eat Hydra Plate: Eat one, get two free!
  • Pandora’s Box Lunch
  • The Tartarus Soul Food Special (Leaves everyone else’s soul food in the shade).
  • Circe’s Pulled Pork Platter
  • Icarus Sun-cooked Wings
  • Minotaur Steak: Taste you’ll get lost in
  • The Hercules Twelve-Course Dinner

photo credit: Temple of Zeus via photopin (license)

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