A New Barth Book is On the Way

A New Barth Book is On the Way April 24, 2014

I’ve been eagerly anticipating the publication of a new book on Barth and evangelicalism, co-edited by Christian Collins Winn (my friend and colleague here at Bethel) and John Drury. My contribution is on the connection between Barth and the Missional Church around the theme of “witness.” The publication date hasn’t been released yet, but Christian has given me permission to share the table of contents. Hopefully it will stir up some interest in anticipation of the volume. Discussions of the relation between Barth and evangelical Christianity have sometimes been hampered by a narrow interpretation of “evangelicalism” or “evangelical Christianity.” This volume takes a broad interpretation of evangelical, along the lines of Donald Dayton’s “varieties of American Evangelicalism,” and advocates in particular for a pietistic evangelical Christianity which can find much to appreciate and appropriate from Barth’s theology.

Here is the Table of Contents:

Table of Contents


Christian T. Collins Winn & John L. Drury


Christian T. Collins Winn & John L. Drury


1. Reframing the Conversation

Karl Barth and Evangelicalism: The Varieties of a Sibling Rivalry

Donald W. Dayton


Karl Barth and Pietism

Eberhard Busch


Bringing an Elephant and a Whale into Conversation: Karl Barth and Pietism

Kimlyn J. Bender


2. Reconceiving Christian Experience and Practice

Christ in Us: The Hope of Glory or the Sentimentality of a “Bohemian Private Enterprise”?: Barth, Pietists, and Pentecostals

Terry L. Cross


Karl Barth on Fellowship with Jesus Christ: The Calling of the Christian

James Nelson


Barth and Testimony

John L. Drury


Jesus’s Earthly Father as Protector and Example for the Church: How Karl Barth’s Theology Challenges the Contemporary Evangelical Masculinist Movement

Christina M. Busman-Jost


“Thy Kingdom Come!” Karl Barth and the Promise of a Prophetic Evangelical Church

Christian T. Collins Winn & Peter Goodwin Heltzel


3.Renewing Christian Doctrine

“Speak, for your Servant is Listening”: Barth, Prayer, and Theological Method

Joel D. Lawrence


Better News Hath No Evangelical than This: Barth, Election, and the Recovery of the Gospel from Evangelicalism’s Territorial Disputes

Chris Boesel


God Says what the Text Says: Another Look at Karl Barth’s view of Scripture

Frank D. Macchia


The Church as “Witness”: Karl Barth and the Missional Church

Kyle A. Roberts


Jesus Christ as the One and Only Sacrament

Kurt Anders Richardson


Eschatology from Basel to Azusa Street: The Voices of Karl Barth and Pentecostalism in Dialogue

Peter Althouse

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