Cultural Tidbits: An Introduction

Cultural Tidbits: An Introduction February 9, 2021

It would be appropriate to initiate this Patheos blog with an introduction – both for the publication and for myself. I’m happy to announce my Patheos column, christened “Cultural Tidbits.” The blog will focus on numerous topics, current and historical. Various topics will be examined either for their implications to Christian beliefs or, alternately, for the opportunity to be seen through the lens of a Catholic perspective.

Culture is a broad and fascinating discussion topic, and it can carry with it different measures of diversity, richness, and specificity. Our English usage of cult, both as a stand-alone term and as a prefix, is derived from the Latin noun cultus, which can refer to “habitation,” “tilling,” or “worship.” Hence, we come to an understanding of inclusions like culture and cultivation within our English vocabulary.

I don’t think culture can ever fully escape its connotations and connections with the elements of worship and tilling. The basis of modernity’s understanding of a moral code finds its roots in worship. But our culture is also something that is cultivated; it influences us and we, in turn, influence it. As Christians, we are to “till” and nurture the culture around us, seeking out and elevating all that is true, good, and beautiful.

This is something that is close to my heart: observing the culture around me and seeing where it is going, where it could take us. With a background in media, writing is one of my occupational passions. Among my favorite writers are C.S. Lewis, Karol Wojtyla, Tolkien, Chesterton, John-Mark L. Miravalle, Michael Crichton, and Charles Dickens.

Moralist narratives and allegories tend to intrigue me. I’m also a sucker for all things beautiful, celestial, and prehistoric. I’m still waiting for Jurassic World: Dominion to be released…

My writing has been published by The Hill‘s Changing America section, the Jewish publication Tablet Magazine, The Millions, Real Clear Science, Open Road Media, and a slew of other print and online outlets.

With that, I’d like to warmheartedly offer my e-welcoming to all those who happen to come across “Cultural Tidbits.” If you care to explore the musings of a Roman Catholic journalist, cinephile, and Oxford comma advocate, feel free to subscribe.

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